Sep 16

Did You See That?

A Listener writes “(Location NW Louisiana) (Time Frame: Around Fall 2010) My Father and Brother about 1.8 miles from my parents home. I was home for Thanksgiving one year and my Dad shared this story with me. One night around 11:00pm, my Dad and Brother were driving to a local Walmart.

As their vehicle was coming up out of a small draw in the road, my Father said that something ran across the road (from left to right) in front of their vehicle at an extremely fast pace. He said that it moved so quickly, that if he had been by himself in the vehicle, his mind would have completely dismissed the fact that something crossed the road.

A few seconds passed and my Dad asked my Brother if he had seen anything run across the road and my Brother replied in the affirmative, that he too had seen something. Now my Dad, was a Christian, God fearing man that would have no reason to make up what he indicated he had seen.

What he indicated to me was that this “Thing” as he called it, appeared to be about 8 feet tall, bipedal and hairless. I confirmed this with him and he repeated that it did not look like it had any body hair on it. He said it was very slim but had a lot of muscle definition (described like a tall, ripped, basketball player) and appeared to be somewhat grey/pale in color and moving at an extremely fast rate of speed. My Dad described the rate of speed by holding his hand up to one side of his face and moving it quickly to the other side of his face. My Dad said he did not think this was a bigfoot/sasquatch because as he stated he did not see hair on the body of the “Thing”. I asked him if he could describe this “Thing” how would he describe it…the only word out of his mouth was “demonic”. My Brother would not talk about this event for years in spite of me asking him about it on several occasions. Finally, he confirmed to me the event did in fact take place but he would not go into detail on what they had seen because he indicated it was “unnatural” and he did not want to discuss it.”

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