Nov 25

Deer Hunters Encounter

Witness Observation

I was deer hunting 10-12 years ago in late Nov. I was on a deer lease in Red River County. I was sitting on a stool and observed deer scrapes on trees along a creek bed. I was watching for these deer to approach. After I had been sitting there for an hour or so I turned my head and noticed what looked like an 8 or 9-foot tall stump that wasn’t there earlier. It was approximately 120-130 yards away. I raised my deer rifle and looked through the scope at it. Through my 6X scope, I was able to see it as close up as if it were 30 feet away from me. It was looking right at me. It was a large ape-like creature. I kept it in my sight for 15-20 minutes. It never moved. I then heard a snap off to my left. I turned my head to observe where this noise came from. I didn’t see anything. When I turned back to the creature, it was gone! It had been standing in grass that was knee-high to me, about a foot and a half to 2 feet tall. I feel that it couldn’t have moved away in the short period of time my attention was drawn away. I feel that it dropped down in the grass to avoid detection. I feel that the snapping noise was made by another creature to divert my attention from the other one. At this time, I got up and left everything but my rifle and backed out of the area. I had this thing dead to rights in my scope but couldn’t shoot because I did not feel threatened.


Physical Evidence

I didn’t check for any, and I don’t hunt that spot anymore.


No sounds were made while observing the creature.

Additional Observations

At first glance, I thought it was a tree stump, 8-9 feet tall. Looking through my scope, it appeared to have very thin facial hair. Its head was round-shaped, with no neck- its head looked like it sat directly on its shoulders. The skin on its face looked like old leather. The hair on its head was about 3 inches long and very slicked down looking. The hair on the body was longer and bushier, it looked like a collie’s hair, hanging straight down. The face looked like a mountain gorilla’s, large nostrils facing forward. It was very broad at the shoulders- at least 2 1/2 feet wide. The hair was a reddish-black color. No odors detected while observing the creature. I have smelt it on other occasions. It smelled like a wet dog had crawled into your sleeping bag. Very bad.

Time and Conditions

Various times – Soy bean farms in the area, also a good amount of trees. There is corn planted nearby as well. Mixed forest – loblolly pines, shortleaf and longleaf pines, sweetgum, various oaks (pin, red, etc.), pecan, black walnut.

Investigator’s Comments

Craig Woolheater, Daryl Colyer and James Walker

This investigation was conducted as a result of incidents that allegedly occurred in Red River County, Texas spanning a period of over 20 years.

We first interviewed the witness on 22 May 2002. We interviewed him on three other separate occasions as well as two family members who have also hunted and camped out at this lease area many times over the last 20 years. All three agreed on a number of key points.

The witnesses have hunted this area for more than 20 years. According to all three witnesses the activity is ongoing and almost predictable at some times of the year, particularly the fall/early winter months during hunting season. The witnesses indicated that camp intrusions and intimidating actions tend to occur in the early evening right after bed time or as the camp is settling down for the evening and the hunters have gone into their tents and campers. Vocalizations range from low grumbling, mumbling and coughs to whoops and howls to the high pitched screams that seem to be used for positioning or recognition over great distances

The primary witness recalled how he was hunting in an area that he normally did not hunt. He usually hunted from a blind, but this day he was sitting on a stool in a creek bed. He had noticed deer scrapes on trees that lined the creek. He had been sitting there for about an hour when he noticed what appeared to be a tree stump or a broken off tree that he estimated to be 8 to 9 feet tall that had not been there earlier. He could not make out what it was clearly; he estimates the distance to be more than 120 yards away. The witness said that he looked through his 6X telescope and at that time saw what appeared to be a ?large ape-like creature.? The witness remembered the face clearly; it looked similar to a gorilla. The expression on its face was a blank stare. It had a thin facial hair. The only skin that was visible was on the face. It looked like old leather, dark brown, nearly black.

The witness watched the subject for “what felt like an hour, but was more like 15-20 minutes.? He heard a sound like a tree snapping off to his left. He turned to look but didn’t see anything. When he turned back to look at the subject, it was gone. He does not feel like the subject had time to make it out of the clearing into the woods in this amount of time. He thinks that perhaps it dropped down in the tall grass to avoid being seen. At this point he was frightened and decided to leave the area. He left everything behind except his gun, which he clutched with both hands, and he backed out of the area. He never went back to the area, and doesn’t hunt in that area anymore.

The weather at the time of the sighting was cool, the skies were clear with no wind. When I asked about the cycle of the moon, the witness said “I don’t hunt during a full moon, if that tells you anything.” The area where the encounter took place is within three miles of the Red River and there are many creeks and fresh-water springs in the area. The creek where the witness was set up was fed by a fresh-water spring.

The witness said that there are reports from the area about deer kills and road kill that disappears overnight in the area. He has heard sounds like a large man running through the woods wearing goulashes during deer season. He has heard many strange vocalizations in the area during deer season. He has heard vocalizations in the general vicinity as recently as last winter.

Two additional witnesses (the primary witness’s nephews), who are now grown men with families of their own, discussed a number of other interesting experiences. These are events that have reportedly occurred at intervals over a long period of time and while highly important to an investigative interviewer, were viewed as secondary by the witnesses having been eclipsed by some of the more alarming experiences of more recent years.

On one of the earliest occasions, the primary witness accompanied on a hunting campout by these two nephews, then youngsters of 10 and 12, was apparently forced from camp in the middle of the night by a cacophony of vocalizations originating from the deep woods and seemingly surrounding the campsite. These sounds were described by the three as being ?worse than three, big, mean dogs fighting over a fresh bone.” The witnesses recalled at first waking to the sounds of what they thought must be a “group of people partying in the woods a quarter mile away.” However, as the sound got closer they realized to their increasing agitation that the sounds weren’t coming from people and were unlike any sounds they had ever heard before. The sounds were more like “large jungle animals” coming right up to just beyond flashlight distance from the camp. The witnesses left camp with nothing but the one rifle, leaving everything else behind.

When the adult witness returned a day later, having driven through the night to get the youngsters home, he found everything torn to shreds in the camp; the tent was torn to pieces, the lid was ripped off the cooler, lawn chairs were crushed and mangled. He also found large, barefoot, human-shaped footprints 75-100 yards away from their tent. After this event the witness moved an old bus down to the property to use as a more solid shelter and as the youngsters grew into men they bought campers and trailers to use when staying down at the lease. The bus and trailers have provided scant comfort and only a small feeling of added protection as the visitations have continued over the years to include numerous jostlings, bangs and bumps. At one time one of the trailers was shaken to the extent that most of the dishes and canned goods were knocked out of the cabinets. .

A final interesting occasion of note – the primary witness and one of the nephews were down at the lease one opening weekend with a brother-in-law who was completely skeptical of all the stories he had heard about the camp and he was down to see for himself. On the second night, after the hunters had killed and dressed two deer that day, the camp was disturbed and the bus knocked hard on the side; the brother-in-law jumped up and ran outside and reportedly saw a large upright hairy figure at very close range. The witness added that they no longer dump any food scraps, trash or deer clean-up anywhere near the main camp area, preferring to put it well away somewhere on the back of the property and well before dark.

Of additional interest ? the witnesses told us that the landowner will have nothing to do with the property and provides no upkeep or maintenance. He only offered a stern admonishment to the hunters that “if you hurt yourself or get into any other trouble down there, don’t call me, because I won’t be coming down to help you.” The witness said that he was scared at first when the initial incidents began, but after a while, he did not fear it anymore. He said, “I’m just glad to know it?s out there, doing good. If it doesn’t bother me, I won’t bother it.”

Addendum, by Daryl Colyer; 17 February 2004: My wife and I conducted an extensive investigation of the campsite and the surrounding, heavily-wooded area. We spent the night in the bus, and experienced no unusual activity. We heard one distant, loud, unidentifiable “roar” (for lack of a better word), but nothing else of note. We found no tracks nor anything else out of the ordinary. The landowner to the north of the property has been and is currently clearing out some of the wooded area. Bear in mind, however, that the woods in the area are thick and seemingly endless in some areas. The area is very close to the Red River and is less than 20 miles from the Ouachita National Forest in Southeastern Oklahoma.


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