Nov 19

Dead Sasquatch Found in 1967 (Northern California)

I have not heard this before but The Sasquatch Archives posted a video called “Dead Sasquatch Found in 1967 (Northern California).” The report attached to the video says “In the spring of 1967, high school student Lori Robinson claimed to have found a dead Sasquatch while out walking a logging road with her friend north-west of Happy Camp, California. The specific area is known as both Kemper Gulch and Swearingen Gulch. The area is rugged and mountainous and is approximately 83 north-east of Bluff Creek.

Researcher Bill Davis interviewed Lori at her home in Federal Way, Washington in 1976. This interview was in John Green’s collection, and I was graciously granted permission to make any and all of his cassette interviews public. Many thanks goes out to Mr. Green (RIP). Although at times it’s difficult to hear the interview, because of a restless toddler in the background, there are some very interesting observations Lori shares with Davis. At the end of the interview, without any interruptions, Davis summarizes Lori’s description of the Sasquatch as she saw it that spring day back in 1967.”



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  1. Kathy K

    I’m surprised they ( the girls) didn’t collect some part of the sasquatch like hair or a finger..and curious as to why it took 10 years for someone to interview her..hmmm..
    ( Unfortunately, I couldn’t listen to the whole interview, that baby was driving me nuts and I had to cut it short.)

  2. Donald P

    Very interesting but hard to listen to between the kid and the interviewer cutting her off as she was speaking. I wonder if she’s still alive and if Wes could interview her??

  3. Russell B

    To bad this guy didn’t know how to do an interview like Wes does. If he had just shut up and let her talk in a room without kids it would been great. I had to cut it off couldn’t stand this guy butting in.

  4. Rose E

    I found it extremely difficult to listen to also. Too much background noise and the interviewer was taking over. I couldn’t finish it. Hopefully Wes can track her down and conduct a proper episode

  5. Nathen C

    I wanted to hear her out but the recording was so poor and that kid screaming and crying… and the guy would not shut up he spoke 90% of the time that I heard and basically lead her into saying what he wanted the narrative to be. Sounds like she has a story but this wont get it out there. Too bad.

  6. Elaine L

    Interesting telling of the encounter … except for the child/baby making a fuss in the background. Why wouldn’t they just stop the recording and have the father/partner take the child out of the room or have a sitter for the baby so the couple could freely relate the story. Add to that allowing the young woman speak of her encounter as opposed to the person interviewing her telling it.

  7. Esther L

    The interviewer was somewhat annoying, but don’t you think they had already discussed it in great detail before recording it? I’m sure there would have been a prediscussion, just like Mr. Germer does. Then the recorded interview happens. The gentleman already had been told much of it which is why he sounded as though he was leading her. I wish we could have seen the sketch as he was drawing it. Ithe description didn’t seem like the drawing above. As for the child, this was the 1960s folks. The father would have stayed in the room with his wife and perhaps he wished to be included in the conversation as well as it was obvious she had talked to him about it. The little one was happy and adorably playing most of the time, not a disruption to me.
    Thank you for the archived interview! Fascinating and the first I’ve heard of someone coming across a dead sasquatch. I wonder why? Perhaps this one had a disease the others were afraid of? Perhaps it was early enough in the national consciousness of them that it was an early shooting of one, and the others in the area hadn’t come into contact with gunshots before? Perhaps this one was a rogue that had no group support? Or perhaps they were simply waiting for the girls to move on and were going to collect the body then. Who knows.

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