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Dazed and Confused Bigfoot Crossed California Highway 101 During Fires

OCT 29, 2008


Today, The Willets news reported there was a Bigfoot sighting on Highway 101 north of Willets, near Shimmins road during the Mendocino Lightning Complex fires last summer. Willets is a small town in Northern California between the San Francisco bay area and Eureka.


According to reporter Linda Williams, Chris LaPinto of Laytonville and at least one other driver saw the creature step into the southbound lane near a guardrail. It ran into the path of a small truck and caused LaPinto to brake hard. The truck, which was trying to pass LaPinto’s car managed to avoid hitting the Bigfoot and continued on without stopping.


LaPinto said the Bigfoot ran upright on it’s legs until it got to the middle of the highway which was four lanes at that point. Then it leaned over as it ran with it’s arms down the rest of the way, to safety. Bigfoot investigator Tom Yamarone told the reporter that the fact that the Bigfoot used it’s arms to cross the second half of the road was highly unusual.


At that point, some might think the creature was a bear, but LaPinto got a good look at the face-the Bigfoot was only about 25 feet away.


The Description:


-estimated at 7 feet tall

-covered with hair

-the face was completely flat, without a protruding nose

-when it turned to look at LaPinto, it’s neck was stiff, so it turned it’s whole body

-it’s face was yellow or gold like a ripe banana

-smooth, shiny forehead with ridges and no eyebrows

-eyes glowed red

-thin lips

-simian face

He got the impression the Bigfoot was suffering from heat and heavy smoke from the fire


LaPinto filed reports with both the Department of Fish and Game and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department.




Source: by Linda Williams for The Willets News

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    • Debra L

      Yes I agree. My thought was that the government has been doing breeding and research on them.. why else would they let them run free to kill people! The parametric event is a perfect example why they should be put down. They know what’s going on!!!!

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