Sep 11

Cryptid Profile: Wood Booger

Mattsquatch Presents says “Here we take a look at the type two Bigfoot. Described as being an upright chimpanzees in appearance and temperament. This information is based eye witness reports and lore from various sources. This is all speculation so please take this as such. Thanks for watching.”

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  1. Lewis S

    As with chimps ALL types make war on each other, they also war with other types. In legends of Europe the Man sized types would make truces with Humans when the larger types would come into the territory. Humans and forest/valley trolls would join forces against the mountain trolls who ate everything they could catch. Chimps have turned on their own family groups and faction killing one another off, eating the dead regardless of which side they were on. Looking at Human behavior as well and blending them the traits how can anyone say they are not dangerous?

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