Nov 21

Classic Canadian Sasquatch Stories

Hammerson Peters writes “For centuries, the indigenous peoples of Canada’s Columbia Mountains have maintained that they share their traditional territory with mountain-dwelling giants who abide in the region’s most desolate crags and canyons.

In this video, we delve into classic wildman stories from the West Kootenays and Wells Gray Provincial Park.”


0:00:00 – The Columbia Mountains
0:01:58 – Lower Kootenay Legends
0:02:57 – Sightings in the West Kootenays
0:04:37 – Okanagan Legends
0:06:44 – John Bringsli’s Experience
0:14:24 – More Bigfoot Sightings in the West Kootenays
0:17:47 – Shuswap Legends
0:18:37 – Sasquatch Sightings in the Northern Columbia Mountains


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