Feb 12

CIA Classified Book about the Pole Shift and Mass Extinctions

The Why Files writes “CIA Classified Book about the Pole Shift, Mass Extinctions and The True Adam & Eve Story. In 1966 a well-known engineer released a book with information that could impact everyone on earth. But before anyone could read it, it was classified by the CIA.

We only learned of its existence a few years ago because of a Freedom of Information request.

The CIA only released 57 pages of the original 284-page manuscript. And those pages have been, in the CIA’s own words, “sanitized”.

Why does the CIA think this book is so dangerous that they had to hide it from the public for 60 years; and continue to hide most of it?

It’s because the man who wrote it describes the end of the world.”


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10 Responses to “CIA Classified Book about the Pole Shift and Mass Extinctions”

  1. Ron S

    Nah, personally I don’t buy it. I’m hearing mutterings of Freedom of Information Act stuff being pumped up in the media lately again and it sounds a little too overhyped, and suddenly over credited, feels sneaky and intentional if you ask me.
    It’s like were supposed to believe everything in media now when the whole thing is looking like a bad cover off a dime-store tabloid… We got our”Flying Jellyfish and Tic-Tac UFO!”, “The Shocking Truth About Adam and Eve!”, “Mass Extinction!” So dumb.

    What this signifies to me is that what’s really going on must be a hum dinger gully whopper of a lie for those kind of distractors to be tossed down our gullets like it’s close to its expiration date.

    Personally, I’m a little tired of feeling Tic-Tac-Towed around with Alien agendas and such, and I’m supposed to wait at the edge of my seat for the man behind the curtain to stop pulling the levers long enough to fill me in with what is happening and how I’m supposed to react.

    For real… If you were a highly advanced extraterrestrial being from another planet, why the heck would you be flying around like George friggen’ Jetson and not use something else more remotely? You think it makes a lick of sense to strap your own little grey butt into the cockpit of your personal space wagon to gather intelligence? Wouldn’t you do something more “intelligent” and safer for yourself, something more akin to a drone? And wouldn’t you know if your space buddies were previously crashing their interstellar Subarus on this planet over the years as well?

    And lastly… Am I the only person being rational and realistic about possible coverups while also experiencing phenomena from what I gather is a spiritual battle between good and evil at the same time?…That’d be a laugh 😂 … At least I’m original I guess.

    If I’ve learned anything over this past year or two, one thing’s for certain… “Somebody is going to have to answer some serious questions for this when it’s all said and done”.
    And it ain’t gonna be me. 🌞🙏🏼

  2. Kimberly M

    Don’t believe this. God promised he will never again destroy the earth with water. Next time he will use fire but if your a Christian you won’t even be here, you’ll be gone because the rapture will occur before the destruction. If there ever was an Atlantis, it was more than likely destroyed during Noah’s flood, not a pole shift. But destruction is coming because mankind has become so evil, and the signs are growing day by day. The birthing pains have definitely begun, but the pats good news to me because it mean Jesus Christ is about to make his appearance! Hallelujah

    • Ron S

      Kimberly, I know how you feel about anger towards evil, but imo you should be concerned for all humanity anyway (regardless of anyones beliefs) and pray for them. If you think you will be saved by thinking more self centered that your belief is more worthy than others, then you already go against what God teaches. Wouldn’t you agree?

      I ask you in a generalized way… What makes your way of thinking about self preservation/salvation any different than the self centered mindsets of unwise people perpetuating evil things? Thank you for commenting 🌞🙏🏼❤️

      • Ron S

        Not even peoples individual salvation from God is certain in any given situation, it definitely isn’t for us to judge. It makes me think about this beautiful aspect of Christianity with the added uncertainty though… At least for myself I will always wonder if I have done enough to stay in the grace of God, and I always answer myself “no”, then it keeps pushing me to always try harder and do better. I like that, I need that, we need that.❤️

  3. Jason L

    Personally I have been following the science behind these claims. It is written in the history of many ancient cultures. The sun novas every few thousand years. The evidence can be found of these novas on many historical sites. More and more papers are being written about reoccurring nova in distance galaxies. In fact many of the changes we are seeing on Earth, such as our weakening magnetic field, our poles preparing to flip are signs that the sun is preparing a beautiful yet terrifying display of its awesome power. Unfortunately many will Ignore the science of the few, as just recently happened in the last few years. Now people are paying with their lives, unfortunately some will never learn, it’s too late for many. Don’t be a Sheep, please read the scientific literature that isn’t bought and paid for by big brother!

    • Ron S

      Gosh Jason L, And how is reading more fear based material helping humanity exactly? Why should I rely on science papers more than what God wills to happen?
      What would you have us do Jason L, start burrowing into the ground in fear like a bunch of cowards?

      Personally, some science is good and interesting when it’s used for the betterment of humanity, and some just blatantly sucks when it’s displayed as unwavering fact or meant to disrupt free will or manipulate human emotion or religion.

      I’d rather stay above ground myself with confidence and toughness, and graze peacefully like the sheep and endure Gods elements of nature, and not hide in a hole like a snake.

      But like anyone, you do you. The rest of us will be just a nibblin’ away in green pasture’s, taking what the good Lord gives us, one day at a time. 🌞🙏🏼

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