Jul 21

China Reportedly Trying To Make Super Soldiers

Retired General Jack Keane reacts to China reportedly using gene editing tools to change the nature of soldiers. China has a program to test out “genome editing.”

8 Responses to “China Reportedly Trying To Make Super Soldiers”

  1. Whizbang

    I wonder where china stoled the intelligence behind editing dna. We have successfully cloned, now so can China. Hope they edit a creature that turns on them and destroys there government and ours up .

    • Wes

      I have felt like that before than I talk to some of the men and women in our military and think China might be in trouble if they poke the bear. Just my thoughts, no one wants war except the people on top who have an agenda.

  2. Joey B

    Good point Wes. I thing the people at the top (Cabal) have the same agenda regardless of country or borders. Insert past wars, COVID, etc. Power, control, and money. Thanks God folks are finally waking up.

  3. John A

    You can change some DNA characteristics via gene editing in adults however the most plausible route to a “super soldier” would be manipulation of embryonic DNA. So time is also a factor.

  4. John A

    Holly Q. The only thing I can say is that we just developed gene editing in vitro by injection in the US – by Intellia biotechnology company last week – but I agree this is not reassuring at all. God Bless us all.

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