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Chimpanzees Cannibalize Former Tribe Leader

There are some interesting reports of Sasquatch killing and eating each other. The reality of nature and the wild is quite terrifying.

If Sir David Attenborough documentaries have taught us anything it’s that animals can be ruthless. And although sometimes it can be tough to watch, it’s enthralling, so we can’t take our eyes off it. It’s probably down to his soft voice.

A video which is currently proving popular is of a group of chimpanzees in Africa ‘torturing’ and eating one of their own. Be warned, Sir Dave’s voice won’t be here to save you from the gruesome nature.

Apparently there are only nine cases of chimps savaging their own, but the killing of those from other tribes is fairly common.

A West African chimpanzee named Foudouko, who was once the leader of this specific tribe, returned and was expecting to make a comeback.

The chimp was kicked out of the group years ago and had to live alone for years. New Scientist reported that he was initially accepted back into the group, but his efforts to become the alpha male again were thwarted when other chimps didn’t like it.

“[There were] attacks by multiple chimpanzees on his dead body, most frequently by a young adult male and an older female,” authors wrote in a paper published to the International Journal of Primatology.

Lead author of the study Professor Jill Pruetz, who is also the director of the Fongoli Savanna Chimpanzee Project, said that the mauling largely came from the mother of the two brothers who are now the alpha and beta males of the group.

Warning: Graphic Images

Credit: Professor Jill Pruetz/Fongoli Savanna Chimpanzee Project

“The female that cannibalized the body the most, she’s the mother of the top two high-ranking males. Her sons were the only ones that really didn’t attack the body aggressively,” said Professor Pruetz. “It was striking.”

According to RT, the researchers were woken by the loud screams of the chimps, before stumbling upon the mutilated body of the cannibalised Foudouko.

Apparently he was found with a large gash on his back, cracked ribs, a ripped anus, and was bleeding heavily from a bite on his right foot.

Cannibalism is not so rare among primates and other animal groups, but is fairly rare when it comes to humans.

Cases are fairly scarce, but those that do exist are terrifying and there’s yet to be a definitive understanding of why people revert to cannibalism.



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10 Responses to “Chimpanzees Cannibalize Former Tribe Leader”

  1. m99

    _Was the poor thing still alive while they were tearing off pieces of him and eating his flesh? One doesn’the bleed heavily if dead !

    Damn! Dirty! Apes!_

  2. Charles R

    I had always grown up thinking of chimps in terms of Cheetah, you know, Tarzan’s chimp. Just athletic, fun loving adorable, comical, mischievous, com padres. It has only been in the past 20 years or so I have learned they are anything but, and you want nothing to do with these very dangerous characters. Even people that have raised them have had them turn on the owners. Funny story about Cheetah. When I lived in Palm Srpings, CA from (85-96) my neighbor was in a theater production around 1995. In the play they had a chimp which was the off spring of Cheetah. He told me Cheetah, then in his sixties I believe, lived on an estate where he lived a pretty good life. He said Cheetah would smoke cigars, drink highballs, and did paintings which went for as much as six thousand dollars. I was able to confirm this later. I think he has since passed.

    As for Sasquatches cannibalizing their own – this I have never heard of, I can not imagine how one would get to witness such a thing. As good as they are in getting food I highly doubt it, but hey it may happen.

  3. brad b

    It seems like they fed off the former leader to establish dominance and exhibit power. These animals are very intelligent. It’s hard telling what goes through their heads but I’m sure they have more complex thoughts and motivations than we often give them credit for.

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