Watch: Umatilla Reservation sounds

As early as November of 2012, there have been reports of strange howling noises coming from the swamps in the Umatilla Indian Reservation in eastern Oregon. The sounds have thrown the small community into a panic, as men, women and children alike are afraid to venture outdoors at night. There have been reports of dogs… Read more »

Hairy creature sighting disturbs classes in Botswana

A school in Botswana was forced to close after pupils reported sighting a small, hairy humanoid creature. The bizarre series of events started around 12 noon when a number of students reported “a black little hairy creature which resembled a human being.” While none of the teachers saw anything, the sighting caused mass panic among… Read more »

Watch: Honobia’s Sasquatch

Does a furry creature known as Bigfoot lurk deep in the Kiamichi Mountains of southeast Oklahoma? Once a year people flock to the small Oklahoma town of Honobia to talk about, and hopefully catch a glimpse of, bigfoot. The town has become famous for their bigfoot lore, and host a yearly bigfoot festival.

Florida: Trucker Sideswipes Bigfoot

Trucker Jerry Trilling was driving his cab through Ochopee, Florida on his way home. He admitted he drank a bit that night and probably didn’t turn on his headlights, but that was no cause of what happened. The road is straight along the swamp and Trilling drove it many, many times. In addition, there is… Read more »

Bigfoot Spotted by Connecticut Hunter

While out scouting deer, a Connecticut hunter claims to have spotted a bigfoot creature observing him from a nearby hillside. Others in the area report strange activity as well. Bigfoot researcher Chris Billingsgate investigated the report. “It must have seen me come up over the hill and I remember that was the thing that actually… Read more »

Unconventional Bigfoot Theories

Bigfoot Is Actually A Ground Sloth Most Bigfoot believers assume Sasquatch is some sort of hominid. After all, he supposedly walks around on two legs, has primate-like arms, and even possesses a humanish face. Of course, there’s always the possibility he’s actually an extinct ground sloth that evolved to look like an ape. According to… Read more »

Bigfoot in the Bridgewater Triangle

The Bridgewater Triangle Area   Although not an ‘official’ Vile Vortex, the inland Bridgewater Triangle is likely one of the world’s most concentrated areas of diverse paranormal reports. Located just 30 miles south of Boston, this 200-mile square area has the Massachusetts towns of Abington, Freetown and Rehoboth at its angles. The town of Bridgewater… Read more »

Watch: Man trying to run away from a attacking Bear

It was a usual day, I decided tо cycle in the forest and to record my walk on the Gopro. To my great surprise, I met a bear. Thanks God, I left alive due to the shots that thundered not far from that location!   Not Sasquatch related but very interesting to watch –  … Read more »

Sasquatch/Pomoola sighting in Maine

The local Native Americans (the Abenaki) called Bigfoot, Pomoola, long before the white man came to mid-Maine. It is often described as a “large, manlike creature with red fur.” Summer/Autumn 2013: My brother lives in Medway, Maine and spends a great deal of time in the north Mainewoods. Hunting, fishing and working; he spends a… Read more »


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The Scalawag of Blue Mountain

The beautiful, ancient Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, part of the great Appalachian chain, are rich with folk culture, traditional American music and mysterious lore. They may also be home to a species of unclassified ape that may be one of the North American creatures that has collectively been called Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Jimmy… Read more »

Crescent Valley, NV Sasquatch Encounter

I had an experience the other night that is leaving me feeling a little crazy and confused. I however know I saw something and heard things I cant explain. After seeing markings on my SUV and reading online I have decided to share the experience with you. Maybe this will confirm my theory and help… Read more »

Smith property sighting in Utah

Ronald Smith’s Property, South Weber, Utah, 2013 About 12:20 a.m. Feb. 4 1980, Ronald Smith was arriving home from work. He got out of his truck and walked back to his pasture on South Weber Road and heard something out in the field. What he heard and later saw, he now believes is Bigfoot. “I… Read more »

Scary encounter outside a rural home

Witness Observation I am about to graduate with a BS in Biology, and want that noted. The incidents began in the fall of 2004. It started out as hearing strange howling sounds in the evening. I never heard the vocalizations in the day time. In the fall of 2004 some friends and I went camping… Read more »

Strange story “Sasquatch in a crate”

My grandfather told me this story back in 1991, a few years before he passed away… and so it goes. My grandfather worked from the late 1950s to the early ’70s as a landscaper on the Duke Estate in Somerset, N.J. When he told this story to my sister and me, he was foggy when… Read more »

Bigfoot encounter: “The creature charged me”

Morton, Putnam County, Indiana – August 2007 The male witness was sitting on his porch around 10:30 PM when he heard something coming from his apple trees; as he listened it sounded like kids climbing in the branches. He hollered and heard what sounded like whoever it was must have jumped from the tree, landing… Read more »

A hunters encounter in Calhoun County, Arkansas

Details of Encounter: The witness was deer hunting from a “box” stand that was elevated 6 or 8 feet off the ground. The structure was built with two windows which offered a view of a “four-wheeler” trail that lay nearby. The witness was aware of well used game trail that crossed the ATV trail about… Read more »

The Yacolt Sighting

The report is dated: Mid-June, 1989 about 8:30 PM, clear sky, sunshine and pleasant temperature. Just south of the small community of Yacolt, Washington. Yacolt lies 21 miles NE of Vancouver, Washington, 26 miles SW of Mt. St. Helens, 7 Miles S of Lake Merwin and the Yale Reservoir [the latter a repeated site of… Read more »