Guest canceled tonight last minute

I wanted to do a show tonight but the guest canceled on me last minute. I am working on a show (possible) tomorrow night. Great encounter story with a hunter.

Bigfoot-Like Creature Caught on FLIR in North Carolina reports: A Bigfoot researcher on Thursday released footage of an unidentified creature roaming the woods of North Carolina. Bobby Woods told Cryptozoology News that he has been looking for Bigfoot for about seven years and that this was the first time he was able to capture it on video. He is now part of… Read more »

Watch: Silverton Colorado Bigfoot (Commentary)

Back in 2008, witnesses report seeing a dark figure running from the train depot towards the river. This photo was taken of the strange subject.   This picture has been coming up on Facebook recently and my first impression was it was nothing more then a guy with a hood on. ParaBreakdown does a great… Read more »

A Man’s Scary Bigfoot Encounter In Louisiana

Socalbigfoot Encounters Saldana posted this to the “Sasquatch Chronicles Fans!” page on Facebook. Mike recalls his frightening bigfoot encounter in Louisiana. All credits for this video goes to Sasquatch Central! I have always loved this encounter story.  

Bob Gimlin Preview For Sunday

In this clip I talk about the time Bob and I met and how I almost broke his shoulder…again. I want to thank Bob for allowing me to interview him and taking the time to speak with me. The full show will play on Sunday but here is a clip.

Sundays show I sit down with Bob Gimlin

On Sunday I sit down with Bob Gimlin. The Patterson–Gimlin film (also referred to as simply the Patterson film) is a famous short motion picture of an unidentified subject the film makers purported to be a “Bigfoot”, that was supposedly filmed on October 20, 1967, by Roger Patterson (February 14, 1933 – January 15, 1972)… Read more »

Watch: My nephew saw a white bigfoot

The YouTuber recently interviewed his nephew who had an encounter at the age of 6. Robbie describes the Bigfoot as having a black face and white fur. Credit:

SC EP:89 On the trail with a Sasquatch is available

You will not want to miss this one. The newest show is posted for members in the podcast section. I spoke with Joe who had an encounter in Texas. He was riding down a trail on his dirt bike when he ran out of gas. What happened next is probably one of the best encounters… Read more »

Native American Sasquatch Names

Casey sent this to me and I found it interesting how native different tribes gave these creatures names and how you can look at the translation of the names. Do you think the native people came up with a name as a way of describing the creatures behavior or perceived behavior? NAME                                                     TRIBE                                                     TRANSLATION 1.Sasahevas                                          … Read more »

Special Report: Bigfoot Sighted In FOX16 News Report?

click here to watch the video FOUKE, AR- It’s a creature with many names, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and most notably known to people in Fouke, Arkansas, the Fouke Monster. For years, many of you have questioned the ape-like humanoid’s existence. Is Bigfoot really out there? FOX16’s Susanne Brunner explores just that following a report she covered… Read more »

Tomorrow nights show

You will not want to miss this one. I spoke with Joe who had an encounter in Texas. He was riding down a trail on his dirt bike when he ran out of gas. What happened next is probably one of the best encounters I have ever heard. Joe describes the creature in full detail… Read more »

Alaska police probe if human remains tied to missing family

I want to thank Donna for sending this to me. I think it is important to keep an eye on these missing people as part of the mystery around Sasquatch. – ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Authorities are investigating human remains discovered along an Alaska trail less than 2 miles from the home of a missing… Read more »

Residents share stories of creature lurking

SMETHPORT — Just over one week after The Era published a story and photo of fresh, large and strange footprints appearing in the snow at a property in Keating Township, a group of McKean County residents shared their stories and pictures of a possible Bigfoot presence with two representatives from a Bigfoot investigative organization on… Read more »

Listen: Mo Michaux shares audio from east Texas

Mo shared some of his audio with me while we were around the camp fire. He sent me the audio and I was able to clean it up, turn down people talking around the camp fire and turn up the creature vocalizing in the background. The audio recorder was placed away from camp when these… Read more »

Watch: Bob Gimlins First National TV interview

A Bob Gimlin interview and reenactment from Mysterious Encounters TV series 2001, Shot by Doug Hajicek, also features Owen Caddy and Dr. Daris Swindler comment on possible facial movements near the end of clip.

Authorities looking for missing man last seen in Lower Yosemite Fall area

Yosemite National Park authorities are looking for a man who went missing in Yosemite this weekend. Michael Dahl was last seen near the Lower Yosemite Fall footbridge on Saturday morning. He was last seen wearing a light-blue hoodie sweatshirt and jeans. He was also carrying a camera according to authorities. Dahl is described as 20-year-old… Read more »

Next Weeks Shows For Members

Next week I have several guests lined up to come on the show who have some really interesting encounters. Look for a full week of content coming up! Also I will be revamping the site and updating the forums. I want to thank everyone for their support!