It was so loud that we had put our hands over our ears

Hi Wes my name is Ken, I’m from the Central part of New York State about thirty miles south of Syracuse.  I am writing you to tell you about my encounter.  It was either 1984 or “85 in the beginning of January, I’m pretty sure it was new years eve actually.  It was somewhere near… Read more »

Something At My Window

I spoke to Chris who is a retired special investigation officer and one of my guests this Sunday, he started researching Sasquatch and talking to witnesses. A witness gave him this recording from his phone. The witness states “I heard what sounded like a man walking on my porch. The figure stopped right next to… Read more »

Members of Job Corps group have several encounters

The story I have to tell is not a single sighting but three events that took place during the fall of 1979 and the winter of the same or the year of 1980. During this time I was working, living as a resident of the Portland Job Corps, which is located on the banks of… Read more »

SC EP:144 Two very different encounters

The show is available in the members podcast section in the next 5 min. I will be speaking to two guest who had two very different encounters. My first guest is Craig who is a life long hunter and has spent a lot of his time in the woods. Craig had a scary encounter with… Read more »

Sundays Show: Indian Tribal Police and Sasquatch

On Sunday I will be speaking to Chris who was with the Indian tribal police for many years. Indian tribal police are peace officers hired by those Native American tribes which have a constitutional government on reservations, as opposed to hereditary chiefs. I spoke to him yesterday and he is going to come on the… Read more »

Watch: This Face Changes the Human Story

I want to thank Josh K. and David H. for sending me this article. Scientists have discovered a new species of human ancestor deep in a South African cave, adding a baffling new branch to the family tree. While primitive in some respects, the face, skull, and teeth show enough modern features to justify H…. Read more »

Encounter Near Mount Adams Washington

I spoke to the father of the witness yesterday who just returned from a family camping trip and he says “My 15 year old son and his friend had left the camp to head down to the lake. As they were standing by the lake they heard something come down off of the ridge-line, my… Read more »

Watch: Trucker Sees A Bigfoot

I have posted this before and I really enjoyed this truck drivers encounter. He says “I had just pulled onto the highway. I was going at best 10 mph and I saw a creature get hit by the truck that was in front of me, it balled up with its back to me. My truck… Read more »

Friday Night: Two very different encounters

On Friday night I will be speaking to two guest who had two very different encounters. My first guest is Craig who is a life long hunter and has spent a lot of his time in the woods. Craig had a scary encounter with a Sasquatch. The event terrified him so much he jumped from… Read more »

Update: Man Attacked By ‘Animal With Dark, Coarse Hair’

Jacksboro, TN (WATE) – A LaFollette, Tennessee man was transported to the hospital with what deputies say are “severe and significant injuries” after he was attacked early Friday morning. Michael Savage, 27, was attacked in the Demory, High Knob and White Bridge Park area of Campbell County around 6 a.m., according to Tennessee Wildlife Resource… Read more »

Unidentified Primate continues to attract attention in Campbell County

I want to thank Gary B for posting this account in the comments. The report is as follows: Campbell County, TN As WVLT VOLUNTEER TV News first reported last week, there is some monkey business going on in Campbell County. Some people there said they have seen a primate terrorizing residents and pets. Campbell County’s… Read more »

Man attacked by a large unknown animal with dark, coarse hair

JACKSBORO, Tenn. (WATE) – An east Tennessee man said he was attacked by a wild animal Friday, and investigators immediately got to work, warning the public and searching for a possible bear in the White Bridge area of Campbell County. But now, officials with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) said there is zero evidence… Read more »

The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I froze

A listener sent me this encounter. The encounter looks like it took place in Osage County, Oklahoma. “Our friend lives out by Skiatook lake. There was a cove about 2 miles from his house straight through the woods.  We all were being guys one night and got brave and decided to go down to the… Read more »

What or who can push a car down that hard?

This encounter was sent to me by a listener. “My encounter happened in Oklahoma. There is a road there everyone in my family calls bigfoot road. My uncle in the 70s had an encounter there and saw one.  He was driving a motor cycle rounded a 90 degree corner and one stepped out in the road… Read more »

Watch: Giant Chimp Human-Sized

Video shows a giant chimpanzee – thought to be a member of a newly discovered species. This is likely the only video made of this species. The chimpanzee is the height of a human being. Comparison of Giant Chimpanzee and common chimpanzee. At the beginning of the video, Kermit is the one on the left…. Read more »

Upcoming Show: Accidental Encounter With The Creature

My name is Eric Tipton. I have Been Researching Salt Fork For Two Years Now and have collected a lot of data. With everything we have collected what I was still lacking was validation from what I saw years ago. On 8-22-15 at 5:15PM I received it. My partner and I were standing on a… Read more »