New Interview with Bigfoot Legend John Green

87 year-old John Green has been researching the bigfoot mystery since 1957! That’s close to 60 years! Here’s a recent interview with the bigfooting legend. The sasquatch scientific community is not a large group but two Canadian researchers stand tall in their midst. Thomas Steenburg and John Green are among the elite of researchers with… Read more »

SC EP:65 Three Sasquatch encounters

On Sundays show we will be speaking to three guests. The first guest talks about an encounter he had when he was a child and hunting with his father. The Sasquatch attacked and killed his dog. The second guest discusses an encounter he had with his wife while camping. The Sasquatch came up to the… Read more »

Sundays show came early for our members

Check it out in the podcast section! The first guest talks about an encounter he had when he was a child and hunting with his father. The Sasquatch attacked and killed his dog. The second guest discusses an encounter he had with his wife while camping. The Sasquatch came up to the camper and screamed… Read more »

Strange findings along a trail near a home, outside Lake City, MI

YEAR: 2013 SEASON: Spring MONTH: April DATE: 10 STATE: Michigan COUNTY: Missaukee County   NEAREST TOWN: Lake City   OBSERVED: We received a voice mail from a witness, and he stated “I live near Lake City on 66. It’s really weird because I’m having some stuff happen out here, and I was really wondering if… Read more »

Watch: Umatilla Reservation sounds

As early as November of 2012, there have been reports of strange howling noises coming from the swamps in the Umatilla Indian Reservation in eastern Oregon. The sounds have thrown the small community into a panic, as men, women and children alike are afraid to venture outdoors at night. There have been reports of dogs… Read more »

Hairy creature sighting disturbs classes in Botswana

A school in Botswana was forced to close after pupils reported sighting a small, hairy humanoid creature. The bizarre series of events started around 12 noon when a number of students reported “a black little hairy creature which resembled a human being.” While none of the teachers saw anything, the sighting caused mass panic among… Read more »

Watch: Honobia’s Sasquatch

Does a furry creature known as Bigfoot lurk deep in the Kiamichi Mountains of southeast Oklahoma? Once a year people flock to the small Oklahoma town of Honobia to talk about, and hopefully catch a glimpse of, bigfoot. The town has become famous for their bigfoot lore, and host a yearly bigfoot festival.

Florida: Trucker Sideswipes Bigfoot

Trucker Jerry Trilling was driving his cab through Ochopee, Florida on his way home. He admitted he drank a bit that night and probably didn’t turn on his headlights, but that was no cause of what happened. The road is straight along the swamp and Trilling drove it many, many times. In addition, there is… Read more »

Watch: Orangutan cools off like a human

A clever orangutan at the Tokyo Zoological Park Society cools off using a common human tactic. Another orangutan watches as repeats the tactic but does not have the proper tools to follow his footsteps. Watch to see animal intelligence at work.

Bigfoot Spotted by Connecticut Hunter

While out scouting deer, a Connecticut hunter claims to have spotted a bigfoot creature observing him from a nearby hillside. Others in the area report strange activity as well. Bigfoot researcher Chris Billingsgate investigated the report. “It must have seen me come up over the hill and I remember that was the thing that actually… Read more »

Unconventional Bigfoot Theories

Bigfoot Is Actually A Ground Sloth Most Bigfoot believers assume Sasquatch is some sort of hominid. After all, he supposedly walks around on two legs, has primate-like arms, and even possesses a humanish face. Of course, there’s always the possibility he’s actually an extinct ground sloth that evolved to look like an ape. According to… Read more »

Watch: Helicopter Chases Bigfoot

While target shooting, these people were constantly being bothered by a buzzing chopper. When they watch their video, they see that the chopper is actually chasing something?  

Bigfoot in the Bridgewater Triangle

The Bridgewater Triangle Area   Although not an ‘official’ Vile Vortex, the inland Bridgewater Triangle is likely one of the world’s most concentrated areas of diverse paranormal reports. Located just 30 miles south of Boston, this 200-mile square area has the Massachusetts towns of Abington, Freetown and Rehoboth at its angles. The town of Bridgewater… Read more »

Watch: Locals in Bethel Report ‘Hairy Man’ Sightings

The two were approaching their net when they saw someone walking through the willows on the bank. Kopanuk says the willows and brush would have been taller than he was, but this creature that looked like a man could easily see over the top of foilage. Kopanuk first registered it as a person until he… Read more »