Aug 24

Camping Near Historic Bigfoot Sighting

In 1957 William Roe shared an encounter he had on Mica Mountain. Steve Wallis decides to camp in the area and gives you an overview of what the area looks like.

Steve Wallis writes “A 1957 bigfoot/sasquatch sighting happened up Mica Mountain, near the site of the abandoned mica mine. His sworn Affidavit can be found at… We decided to go camping for the night as close as we could get to the site, and film what we saw.

4 Responses to “Camping Near Historic Bigfoot Sighting”

  1. Stephen W

    You never want misfortune to happen to anyone but after 25 min. I was wishing a large Squatch would have grabbed that pumpkin tent with him in it and dragged him all over mica mountain. Sorry

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