Feb 7

Britain’s Secret UFO Investigation

History Channel writes “Prominent world leaders including the British Royal Family, Japan’s Defense Minister, the Chinese government, and Russia’s former president have allegedly been investigating Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) for years. Learn more in this scene from Season 2, Episode 9, Aliens and World Leaders.”


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2 Responses to “Britain’s Secret UFO Investigation”

  1. william Y

    It’s amazing how they just tell us what they want us to believe and everybody goes along with it. The UFO phenomenon is very confusing especially a believer in scripture as I am. There is a gentleman, Tim Albarino, who did a series birthright series, and also All Roads Lead To Rome it’s fascinating ties in UFOs and scripture

    • Ron S

      william I agree. I wish had more time to comment but I have work to do.

      If anything I’d warn people not to be fooled. As the Bible depicts Angels sometimes as looking very unusual (wheel within a wheel etc.), don’t let these UFO’s lead you into believing they are good Angels.
      When something is truly good you will more than realize it by its actions, you’ll feel it spiritually as well… The tricky part then will be deciphering true spiritual feelings from false manmade ones that could be generated by an emitted frequency.

      I feel like the clock is ticking on getting familiar with true spiritually and how to know it or acknowledge it.
      Technology is blurring these lines. I keep praying for people to be enlightened but it seems the only way is through taking a break occasionally with media and being reliant on everything being plugged in constantly.

      Trust in your neighbors a little more and real people around you, get to know them. Don’t live in fear of everyone where you stop saying hello to strangers or smile. A little good goes a long way…even if they don’t wave back don’t worry, you just gave them something to think about and potential wisdom, potential or encouragement to wave back in the future.
      God bless 🌞🙏🏼

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