Feb 7

Brien Foerster: The Cataclysm That Erased Human History

Brien Foerster gives his presentation “Aftershock: The Ancient Cataclysm That Erased Human History.”



6 Responses to “Brien Foerster: The Cataclysm That Erased Human History”

  1. Tom A

    Wow! Such great content Wes. I completely agree with this entire lecture. The Hopi people have a prophecy and say that human civilizations have come and gone and we are at the end of our 4th world. There’s no telling how advanced human technologies have been before these major cataclysms or endings of worlds as Hopis put it.

  2. Danny T

    It kind of makes the reasoning behind the building of the Georgia Guidestones make more sense. Who ever it was that had it commissioned to be built probably believes the cataclysm will happen again.

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