Jul 3

Bob Gymlan: The Chilling Matter of Extraterrestrials in Bedrooms

Bob Gymlan writes “Usually I cover other people’s paranormal accounts, but one of the most common comments on my channel is if I personally have any paranormal encounters. Well, this is one of them.

It very well could be nothing, but as is the case with most things, it could be a lot of other stuff too. I hope this video is as intriguing and mysterious to you, as the matter is to me.

Link to the video

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    They’re here for our ETERNAL SOULS. The Lord Jesus Christ has authority over these devils. He is the true human prototype. Because of His Divinity, he precedes His own human father (Adam). You will see The Lion. Repent, believe, & be baptised for the remission of sins.

  2. Charles R

    I have never heard of a Lanky Grey Alien, however quite weird. Bob and I it seems both came to grips with past activity when we read the book Communion, which I did back in 1990.

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