Aug 13

Bob Gimlin Documentary

The International Bigfoot Conference writes “Bob Gimlin, the man, the myth, the legend has an incredible story to tell. From his days as a cowboy to that famous Bigfoot encounter & beyond, learn about his lifetime of experience. Purchase your copy of Beyond Bigfoot today. The first 250 copies will be signed by the man himself!”


Check it out:


8 Responses to “Bob Gimlin Documentary”

    • Jeffrey H

      Your podcast are really great Duke! You have a great opening, which not to many shows have, other then you & SC. You ask good questions and give the guest more to elaborate on about their experiences. Please don’t get like the other podcast host(not with SC) that lately seems to muting his microphone and takes naps as his guests tell their story. You can hear the guest repeating the host’s name, wondering if the host is still on! When it happens a few times it’s funny, though you feel bad for the guests! Duke, your on top of the ball, well except one time when we hear the frig door opening up and someone nibbling on food and then we hear the bottle of pop being opened up and chugged! I love your show Duke, please keep up the hard work getting it on air. It’s on the intellectual sides at times which I appreciate(my mom always called me a moron(whatever that means) but might not understand any of it. Someone said I should get the Cliff Notes to your podcast but I don’t know a Cliff! Okie Dokie, great job Duke!

  1. Jeffrey H

    I got to get this DVD. Bob Gimlin is not only a man’s man but one that has never been anything but a first class guy! It would be worth getting it to see what a true classic gentleman cowboy is really like. There are not a lot of stand up guys like Bob left in this world Then add that he was part of a two-man team that filmed the most famous Bigfoot movie of all time. The Patterson-Gimlin film has yet to be proven not true because it’s all true! Got to meet the legend some day, until that happens the DVD is a great way to get started!

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