Jan 7

Bigfoot Tony: Utah Sasquatch Monument Wallow Vocals

Bigfoot Tony takes a look at Utah Sasquatch Monument Wallow Vocals. These were captured by Nathan Reo in Utah.



Here is part two

2 Responses to “Bigfoot Tony: Utah Sasquatch Monument Wallow Vocals”

  1. Cindy W

    Thank you Wes for sharing this. ~~ Reo how are you not scared?? I would be so very scared being that close and knowing they see me and I can’t see them. You are so brave!! Thank you for sharing because these vocals help so many of us – so we will know what the sounds are when we are in the woods near them. Also, it shows us how active they are in the daylight. A lot of folks think they only are active at night time but they are active all the time in my opinion. Thanks again for sharing and keep on sharing all the information you get on them. You are helping so many people.

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