Nov 14

Bigfoot sighting reported near Provo, Utah

FOX 13 News Utah writes “The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization has been following up on reports of another Bigfoot sighting in the Provo area. Some experts, however, aren’t so sure.”

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  1. Glen K

    (New Jersey) I’ve seen this video of Sasquatch before, but it didn’t contain comments from this museum curator. The statements he made were so ridiculous, it’s hard to believe he knows anything about Bigfoot. He asks what are the likelihood of large animals running around in the woods undetected by scientists .No one said there are big animals running around undetected. In fact, Bigfoot are extremely elusive beings, who remain “hidden” at all costs. However, they are most definitely detected in the form of photos, videos, footprints, and thousands of encounters! I could go on and on, but when this nitwit makes these kind of comments, it infuriates me.

    • Glen K

      (New Jersey) Charles, I saw a report on the Bili Ape a couple of months ago. I don’t know a lot about them, but they are a fascinating species and a great scientific discovery. Getting back to Bigfoot

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