Nov 30

Bigfoot Shasta County


Chris Contreras who is a listener of the show wanted to share his recent encounter.

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  1. Kim W

    Can’t imagine what you went through, both of those encounters sound terrifying. I remember listening to your show last year, so it’s neat to see the area. So incredibly dark at night, makes you realize how well they must see at night. Thanks for sharing!

  2. DrAaron

    Thank you, Chris, for the video. I remember your interview last year and feeling terrified by the description you gave. I am glad you were protected both nights. We also discussed your report in the forum and found the exact song you were playing at the spillway close to the PG&E camp. I can see why PF would get their attention! Be well and God Bless!

  3. Katie F

    Why did you have to walk? I would never have allowed
    any of my kids to walk so far and in such a dark,remote and
    scary wilderness. I got scared while you were driving!
    I cannot even imagine how terrified you were and
    to be flanked by a Sasquatch!! Thanks for sharing !

  4. Katie F

    I just finished pt. 2 and all I kept thinking was
    ” Yea though I walk through the valley of the
    shadow of death, I will fear
    no evil, for thou art with me.”
    Sounds to me that the good Lord surely
    was with you and guiding your steps.
    Wow! What a true nightmare!!

  5. Kay S

    Thank you for sharing Chris. It sounded very scary indeed, I think you have been very lucky to survive it. I’m not from the States so I’m curious to know what is a PJ & E camp?

  6. Tim S

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience’s and making these detailed videos. I can get just how traumatic it had to of been for you that night.

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