Nov 30

Bigfoot Scares Campers with Tree Shaking

Mark Johson and his family of four were camping in the Mt. Shuksan area of Washington state. They planned this trip for a year and were two days into their vacation.

After turning in for the night around 8:30 PM, the three children playing a card game in their shared tent. Mark and his wife enjoyed some alone time in their tent. The family was startled when the tree next to their camp site began to shake violently. Not just the branches, but the entire tree.

The entire family emerged from their tents to see the tree ripple and quake like a punching bag hit by a professional boxer. When Mark walked around the tree to see what caused this shaking, he came face to chest with a huge Bigfoot. The creature was pounding the tree with both enormous fists.

Mark stood there in shock as the Bigfoot turned to consider this puny human. It looked Mark up and down, howled at the top of its lungs then slowly walked off into the woods.

It took Mark a few weeks to be able to speak about what he saw on the other side of the tree. His family believed it was really a bear he saw, but never had the courage to say it to their father’s face.

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