Jan 17

Bigfoot Outside The House

178: Bigfoot Outside The House | The Confessionals

Tony writes “In Episode 178: Bigfoot Outside the House, we have two guests joining the show! First, we speak with Jason, a former police officer who has always been fascinated with bigfoot and eventually became an investigator. Though he never really felt that he would ever see a bigfoot, that all changed when he walked right up on one! After we talk to Jason, we bring on Gerry, a teacher who has traveled all over the world, but when he moved to Southern Georgia he learned that locals were seeing things in the woods. Gerry has collected many accounts of other people’s bigfoot sightings and he will be sharing some of them on today’s show!”

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  1. Debbie M

    My husband and I have had many strange things happen in Uwharrie NF beginning in 2015 from screams to hearing a toddler talking real fast backwards…twice in a row! Many other strange things happened as well. Haunted Uwharries

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