Jun 30

Bigfoot Odyssey: Late Show With Guest Donnie Miller

Bigfoot Odyssey welcomes Donnie Miller who shares a strange encounter with several creatures.

One Response to “Bigfoot Odyssey: Late Show With Guest Donnie Miller”

  1. m99

    Wes, it may be a good show if you could transcribe these type encounters, and read them on the air. That is if these folks don’t want to come on the show.

    No, it wasn’t (just)a Mississippi thing. I’m from the South and all the old folks talked about boogers. I sure wish they’d have told us (the kids) that boogers were real. Just like he said in the video, we thought they (the adults) were trying to pull the wool to scare us. Yikes. You slept there after seeing those things? Really? My hiney woulda been gone! The term “haint” also refers to Sasquatch.

    Donny seems to be a Sasquatch magnet. And they don’t like him. Wish Wes could have him back on. With so much personal experiences, how could it be so hard to prove Sasquatch exists? Could anyone that knows please post the SC episode #?

    What an awesome episode. Thanks Wes.

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