Oct 24

Bigfoot Disclosure & Sasquatch Evidence: Dr. Jeff Meldrum

Den of Geek writes “Dr. Jeff Meldrum is one of the foremost Bigfoot researchers out there. He is a is a Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology at Idaho State University, and his work centers on the evolution of hominin bipedalism.

He joins Talking Strange (on the 55th Anniversary of the famed Patterson-Gimlin footage) to discuss his 25 years of work, as well as opening up about what Sasquatch “disclosure” might look like (similar to the serious focus UFO/UAP are currently receiving). Additionally, he opens up about whether he thinks the U.S. government has explored the topic, what it takes to become a reliable trustworthy Bigfoot researcher, and the paradigm shift and importance of indigenous people coming forward to openly discuss their stories.”

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