Apr 1

Bigfoot and Beyond: Bald Hills Bigfoots!

Bigfoot and Beyond writes “James “Bobo” Fay flies solo and interviews two of his friends who each saw a sasquatch close to the site of Bobo’s first encounters in the Bald Hills of Northern California!”

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  1. Charles R

    2 ladies, different years, but same area that Bobo had his first sighting. Amy knew nothing about Bigfoots and as typical beyond scared. Other lady, Rachel, grew up in Northern California Native Tribe, with knowledge and stories of the Sasquatch. She was taught to not fear them. He sighting the Bigfoot got down on all fours, right next to her vehicle and ran beside maybe 2 feet away for 800 to 1000 yards, appx 25 mph. It at one point turned to look in at her. Rachel stated she was not afraid and seemed to enjoy the experience. I think Rachel would bring a whole different outlook to the Sasquatch Chronicles with her upbringing and experiences.

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