May 13

Big Red Eye Encounters From NJ

“Not that I’m a big believer of urban legend and folklore, but I must tell you this story because after reading about The Big Red Eye in a recent issue, I got the chills!

My wife and I live in Westwood now, but we’re formerly from Mahwah. One night, early last summer, we were walking our dog in our condo development (Paddington Square in Mahwah) and heard this guttural sound that scared us so much that we called the police. I’ve heard just about every animal noise imaginable and I’ve got to tell you this was the strangest thing I’ve ever heard. It wasn’t a dog, or bear, but it was big and angry, and had red eyes. I estimate it was roughly 30 yards from us. We were standing by a street light on the sidewalk.

I told my wife to pick up the dog and go into the street and walk home slowly. I was shaking in my boots as I slowly backed up, keeping my eyes on the brush. We made it home and called the police, not once, but twice, to find out what the hell that thing was. They investigated but found nothing. To this day my wife and I wonder what it was”.  –Mike V.




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  1. Paul M

    Your lucky guy. And your wife and dog are lucky to slip out with there lives. Don’t be fooled that all these squashes are cool with people. Walk the dog in daylight. Stay to we’ll traveled places. Be vigilant Of your surroundings. Maybe have more people with you if you walk in the evening. Most likely you can’t walk around with a caliber weapon you ed need to stop one of these in NJ. So do the best you can and stay safe as you can.

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