Jun 10

Being In A Cabin As It Is Assaulted

howtohunt.com writes “You hear of this happening often once you start inquiring. Experiencing it isnt the most fun thing. Having a loaded rifle inside makes it much easier, going outside isnt an option…at night anyway.”


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    • David L

      Sorry, you’ll never get Steve on this channel. It’ll never happen. He’s not one of the bunch of guys with a loudspeaker out in the woods to scare themselves between 6 packs at a camp site with paved road access. Far from it. I have a sensitive BS meter and a rather strong sixth sense which I spent years honing to a knife edge in the military at Ft Lewis/Iraq. If you want to recognize a real hunter or killer, watch their eyes, they’re ALWAYS moving. Even the best sixth sense will only work within a certain distance, after that you have to rely on you eyes. Watch Steve, he’s a REAL killer a fit as any soldier out there.

  1. Lee N

    I just saw him on video that Scott Carpenter shared on FB. I’ve was several of Steve’s videos about Sasquatch encounters on YouTube. Yes Judy he speaks like a guy that’s not married, no kids and spends 250 plus days in deeps woods hunting all game. Mostly guiding for clients from all over the world. These are his words in a video about marriage kids and what he does for a living. He shares extremely honest heart felt stories. He wants to live life on his terms and doesn’t hold back on what he says about anything. The Carpenter YouTube video is his thoughts on Sasquatch/Bigfoot community. Put on your profanity pants for that one. Wes, I think you would have to do a member adult only podcast. I can deal with the profanity because I appreciate his straight honest opinion. He also does videos about hunting trips and one where he almost died in Taiwan. I love hunting and Sasquatch. He is new to me and I find him very interesting! Thanks Wes

      • Lee N

        Your welcome Debbie
        I’m into hunting and Sasquatch, when I saw his video I got amped up. Sometimes I go off on rants lol. When I saw it on here I had already been thinking Wes has got to get this guy on. From his attitude and time guiding and distain for the BF BS he probably wouldn’t. You can find a lot of his videos on YouTube. Just nice to have a different perspective from usual “researchers”. Which he isn’t lol. In some videos he will post real pictures of hunt or stories. Beautiful country in Rockies, Canada and all over.

  2. Lee N

    Hi Wes,
    I just watched howtohunt YouTube video named my grandfathers story: Sasquatch. Interesting story but what caught my attention is he said he is sharing these stories because his grandfather wasn’t comfortable enough to share his and because he admired Dr John Bindernagle (forgive if misspelled) for his wisdom and his devotion to understand and prove Sasquatch. That caught me because of your admiration for Dr John B. For what it’s worth I thought you would find it interesting if had not known if that already. Thanks for your time!

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