Jul 9

Ball Of Light In Sweden

A listener from Sweden writes “Hey Wes was listening to the recent show about the glowing lights and it reminded a lot of something me and my cousin saw three years ago.

We were sitting by a lake late at night planning to start a fire and relaxing after a day of fishing. It was really dark and you could not see very far. I was about to light the fire pit when i noticed you could see the clouds as if something illuminated the whole sky and we both thought it was odd because it was no full moon. We where looking across the lake and the light got stronger and a giant green ball slowly came down from the clouds illuminating the forest with a soft green light as bright as daylight. It slowly hoovered down in the forest making no sound att all. I have not seen anything float like that before and it was gigantic it looked like a green small sun.

And suddenly it was pitch dark again it just disappeared in the trees we both decided to leave the lake and haven’t really talked about it again but we both know what we saw. Have tried to find similar stories and i have no idea what we saw but it came from the sky.

Ps. really love the show and keep up the awesome work

Listener from Sweden”

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