May 23

Always Feel Uneasy Like I’m Being Watched

A listener writes “I live in Canton TX (East), surrounded by many acres of woods. I have a deer feed plot at the edge of the woods and always felt uneasy there like I’m being watched.

This began when I installed a jar of peanut butter 5 feet up on a tree to lure deer. I cut the bottom out and screwed the jar into the lid after screwing the lid onto a tree.
The next day the jar was unscrewed, lying nearby completely empty, as if expertly washed of all traces of PB.

I figured it was raccoons so began tossing a few apples near my feeder to lure deer instead.

I started seeing every apple gone the next morning, no pieces anywhere. Then I noticed that we had no coyotes in the past 6 months, a large mound of dark black poop chocked full of seeds by my feeder that didn’t look like any scat I’ve ever seen and old trees that either fall over or get pushed over at night, but I dismissed all this as just odd.

There’s a State park close nearby where my wife and I hike occasionally and we came across the lower front legs of a deer torn off at the joints cleanly lying near the hiking trail. There’s no hunting allowed and no animal would leave it’s food lying around without teeth marks or so close to each other without blood or any signs of a struggle.

One early evening, I heard a “whoop’ around 8 pm that sounded like the one on your show’s intro from about a hundred yards away or further. My wife has heard this too on other occasions. It was hunting season during this time, so I was out about 8 pm the one night tossing out apples by my feeder, (which sits down in a small hollow with a creek running through it) when I heard leaves rustling followed by a very deep, low growl about 30-35 ft away to my left. Oddly, I didn’t see anything despite looking all around.

Now I’ve been in some truly scary situations before but this really spooked me because I know animal sounds and this wasn’t a hog, coyote, cougar or dog and we don’t have bears,
but it felt distinctly like a warning to leave the area immediately, so I did just that and quickly walked back up to my house.

As time went by, we had a small mouse get in our home so I bought a “humane” no kill mouse trap from Walmart, caught the mouse and set it outside on a 2 ft tall plastic shelf to deal with later, as I had to leave town then. Upon return a few days later the trap was gone. Did a hawk, raccoon or other animal have haul it off? Maybe but it was 2 ft up off the ground on a shelf.

Then a few weeks later I’m mowing my yard which is an acre and I am encircling the house on my riding mower with blades set pretty low. I always walk my lawn first to clear the way of debris but saw nothing in this one area, mowed it, circled back 2 time and in the third return across the same area, there in the middle of my path was the green plastic “humane” mouse trap laying upright and empty. The only way it could be empty is if either the door at one end was slid up (but it was closed down) or the spring loaded door at the other end pushed in to allow the mouse to escape. That really freaked me out because it was not there the other times I drove over that area and I’d have certainly hit and destroyed it.

The strangest thing I’ve seen was a tree ripped out of the ground, thrown up into the crook of another tree about 10 ft off the ground and limbs snapped off the “receiving” tree, which I’m happy to send photos of.

My wife heard loud “tree knocks” near our house one night and told me over the phone so I looked for a tree that could’ve been hit and believe I found it. It had a 2″ healthy limb broken close to the trunk and the suspected “knocked” area rubbed smooth or struck smooth.

Lately, it feels and sounds they’re gone. We’ve lived here for about 6 years but all these events occurred recently just within an 8 month timeframe, so I suspect they migrate, travel through areas with resources but once resources get low, they migrate to allow time for resources to return to support them.

I haven’t seen a Bigfoot, found any prints, hair or shot any video but figured I’d tell my story to alert others who may also hear whoops, growls, knocks, find weird scat or sense something around their homes. I now honestly believe these creatures are real after years of being a total skeptic.
I believe they’re a just undiscovered, dangerous primate and would cost trillions of dollars in lost revenues for many, if classified, so they’re covered up instead.

I enjoy your show and listen all the time. Keep up the great work!”

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  1. Linda B

    What a nice fellow, and he relayed his story so well. I particularly like the East Texas stories as I lived close to there and I liked living there; people are very nice there. Sure sounds like they’ve got a squatch or two or three on their property. If it gets worse, too close, etc., Wes always says to light up the yard. I sure would. Thank you for telling us your story and thank you Wes.

  2. Ron S

    There seems to be many ways in which different people are introduced to or eventually encouraged to find interest in different topics, ways of thinking, lifestyles, spirituality and even temptations.
    It is hard to wrap our head around when odd things happen that test our rationality or what we believe, and even more difficult for some listeners of these stories who haven’t experienced strange phenomena to believe such things… The stranger or more incredible the story creates distance between experiencer and non-believers I’d say. Sometimes we get so separated from each other by what we have experienced in life it seems we forget we were all designed to be unique but united.

    Sometimes it gets to the point where we’re almost looking at each other like we’re coming from a different planet…I think life is orchestrated purposefully this way to give (what should be) obvious proof that we are lacking something in the way we interact with each other,,,this could be a blatant sign we should probably recognize as a lack of faith and unwillingness to be understanding.

    Sure, there are times when we ARE wrong and seemingly incredible instances have a natural scientific explanation, these may be blatant signs to remain humble, be forgiving, maintain a belief that incredible things can happen but also develop your own wisdom to differentiate between something truly fantastic and something that actually can be explained by Earth science or simply as human error. What we have no explanations for may be something that only the experiencer needs to figure out the answers to.

    Get out and do things, positive things, develop the wisdom to differentiate many things🌞

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