Jun 17

All Of This Just Started On My Property

A listener writes “This starting about 3 weeks ago the woods have been very active in my neighborhood in the woods. Dogs barking more than normal, barking with a little more energy than usual, and all throughout the night.

Rather than tapering out as the night gets later. Along with some strange howls off in the distance, whoops, owl hoots, and other strange sounds. So about 2 weeks ago I’m laying down and I hear the craziest noise. I don’t know how to type it. The first sound could have been explained away by a drunk guy possibly dry heaving and trying to talk and the sound being amplified by the metal fire department building in the canyon below my house. But the exact same sound happened twice with the exact same cadence and tone back to back followed by some type of scream or screech.

I thought it sounded like a racoon being killed. When I heard that I was up and at my window trying to figure out what I just fn heard. As I got up from my bed I crush a empty water bottle with my foot which was actually pretty loud in the dead of night. While at my window I heard 3 very low quiet whoops over about 5 min. Over the next couple nights strange sounds continue. But nothing as loud or as close. Sat night comes and I have my kids with me. I decided to set up tent on my deck because we have not been able to make any camping trips this summer and I actually wanted to get a better ear on the woods. The boys pass out pretty quickly, I am visited by some raccoons early on and I scare them off. I’m laying there listening to the woods and eventually fall asleep. I am awakened by my daughter’s cat doing this pathetic meow whine that she does and it was quite irritating because I was out cold. The cat stops her whining, jumps from the rail and hauls ass around to other side of house.

I’m thinking that was weird something scared the shit out of her. Then I hear something massive coming straight to my house with a purpose. My first thought was that is a bear coming to get that cat, but it was stomp stomp crunch crunch. I have my shotgun in tent, it is not loaded but have shells on butt stock belt. I am still anticipating bear coming through and doing bear stuff and moving on, but I am also slowly pulling the pump down so I can thumb in a shell and preparing to wake boys up and get in house in case bear comes up onto porch and deck. I was trying to be quiet but that slide made a slight clank and this thing stopped dead in its tracks probably about 15-20 feet away from house. It’s a stand off. I am really starting to think that this is not a bear. After about 5 minutes of nothing I hear this almost irritated sigh/growl. Now I’m trippin! Off in the distance I hear almost a chorus of faint higher pitch howls and then one very low and heavy like humm/growl/howl?? Then every dog within 5 miles began to howl not bark but howl. At this point I am frozen waiting for this thing below me to make a move and honestly freaking out. I hear another sigh, no movement.

Then I start hearing owls talk to each other from different areas in the hills? About 30 minutes go by of stand off and a fn rock hits the top of my tent and bounces to deck. About 10 minutes later a stick comes whirling up and over and lands right behind my head in between the tent and deck railing. I have not made a move. Then I swear I heard this thing try and meow but it was pretty raspy. Some more time goes on and I hear what sounds like a man whistle about 50 yards behind me and down the hill and within a few seconds a car drove by. I hear this thing do its sigh a couple more times but no movement. I am scared. I could have probably stood up and hit this thing with my light at any point but I honestly did not want to see whatever it was. The sun starts coming up and my bravery starts coming on as well I decided to get up and out of the tent to turn outside lights on. And nothing is there. I didn’t hear this massive thing make a move for about 2 hours I have know idea when or how it left. So that pretty much it man. I know it pales in comparison to some encounters but that was enough for me.

So Sunday night I’m already thinking I can’t be the only one hearing this stuff going on. Off across the canyon I hear the gibberish dude! And it sounded like these things were arguing and then BANG! Someone took a shot and its pretty much died down since whoever took that shot.

While I was at work, my son called me and said “you’re not gonna believe what I just seen!”.. He said he was sitting on bed and was on the phone with his mom when he caught some movement off in the woods. He said at first he thought it was a crow on top of a burned out redwood stump.. but he focused in and realized something was looking back at him, peeking over the stump.

He said this thing locked eyes with him and began to sway side to side, then dropped, grabbed the side of the stump and launched itself through the woods. He said he watched this thing jump across the 2 lane road run through the woods and jump down side of hill and was gone. The details my kid is giving me is spot on, from the speed, basketball shoulders, long arms, wide thin mouth, black hallow eyes, old man face with thick eyebrow ridge, gray skin…. on and on.”

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  1. Linda B

    We lived in California (San Diego) and the mountains where the town of Julian is located, also around Big Bear—– very rugged with lots of good hiding places. I know a lot of reports come out of the first area I mentioned, can’t remember the names of the mountains up there but I put my kid in a sled and gave it a little push…then ran for it as my baby was sliding towards the tree–drooord into the hole in front of the tree unharmed like a golf ball. It was funny.

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