Jan 9

Alabama Bigfoot helicopters and a thermal hit

Jonathan Odom writes “Hey guys were back in the X-Miltary zone. We had a interesting hunt we helicopters flying around and a thermal hit. What a hunt! Enjoy!”

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  1. ben h

    I never understand looking at his videos, especially his latest day one why he doesn’t have a camera on his back as he walks and at the sides as that is surely how you watch someone?

  2. Joyce E

    WOW, Wes, It looks like eye shine MANY, MANY different places as he pans the camera. At 8:53 – 8:54 it looks like there are 2 eyes either side of a fairly thick tree. The thermal Johnathan Odom took at a distance of John with the night vision only seems to pick up one creature. Clearly there were more than just one individual. My questions are, Why doesn’t the camera pick up an outline of the body of these creatures? How far away do you think these creatures were from the John? SUPER interesting and compelling.

  3. Daniel S

    I thought I saw heaps of that eye shine, but I would say it was the small buds on the tree limbs, that said not all of them, also I don’t know so I’m asking do large I guess could radiate heat from the day but they wouldn’t glow that bright. Thanks guys got guts. P3@(3

  4. Clayton S

    Hey Wes, off subject, would it be possible if you can get that ex-witch/paranormal woman who is now Christian, who helped the two brothers with their bigfoot problem on their property, to come on the show? I think she may have a wealth of information that would make an amazing show. Please, if possible, I would love that. And also a follow-up interview with the two brothers would be awesome as well. Since that show and the Open Mic shows, I’ve been very fascinated with it wanting to know more.

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