Jan 24

A Witness Had a Class A Sighting And Found Evidence The Next Morning

From the Bigfoot Evidence

Thanks to Ray S. for sharing this very interesting photograph of what he believes to be a Bigfoot. According to Ray, they’ve seen the creature the other night in their yard, and woke up to find this large footprint:


“11:30 last night there was a creature seen in the yard of a trailer house in mt sterling ky.
This was found today. Covered by a bucket n big rock now.” – Ray S.







8 Responses to “A Witness Had a Class A Sighting And Found Evidence The Next Morning”

  1. Reggie C

    If it is real. You would think a 600 pound plus animal would squash down crumbly dirt more and sink deeper into the ground. Corrected from above. Don’t know how to delete or correct screw ups.

  2. Ted R

    Something just seems off, I for sure could be wrong but toe indents look manufactured/squared. Could be natural or shadow but that’s my first reaction.

  3. Robert D

    I agree with all of you. From the fact that there was only one single print to the ‘print’ itself appearing to have been dug out rather than pressed in to the ground. I’m not buying it…

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