Apr 6

A Very Large Hunched Over Person

A listener writes “I live in Oxford, MS and work in Pontotoc, MS, both in the northern part of Mississippi. Everyday I have a 30 minute commute to work. The drive is a boring one, lots of cow pastures, thick woods, and farmland.

I’m a hunter, so as I’m driving to work in the early mornings and home in the evenings I’m constantly checking out fields for deer and whatever other animals I might see.

On Wednesday morning of this week, I was making my usual drive, occasionally scanning the fields. I came upon a cow pasture to my left. The field is probably 150 yards from the highway to the tree line at the back of the field. I’ve driven by this field many, many times. It’s part of a large farm and they have a herd of black cows that they rotate between several different fields. I’ve never seen anything other than black cows at this farm. I’ve never seen any people in the fields at this farm.

So I come upon the field, scanning for deer, and I see what I immediately think is a Buffalo. That’s just what my brain told me…must be a Buffalo! It was large, chocolate colored with sun bleached long hair that made the ends look like a cinnamon red color. It was hair, the wind was blowing and the hair was blowing. It just reminded me of the “mane” of a Buffalo so that’s where my mind put it I guess. It was facing the tree line away from me. The shape of it looked like a very large hunched over person. There were black cows close to the tree line of the field, and this thing was probably 50 yards from them, so 100 yards from me.

As I stared, I realized it couldn’t be a Buffalo as it was completely covered in the same colored hair of what would’ve been just a Buffalo head, the legs weren’t skinny and short-haired, also this is Mississippi.

As soon as I got to work, I googled how tall is a cow and pictures of buffalos. Lol. Whatever it was must’ve been at least 3-4 feet taller than them. I can’t think of what else it could be. We have black bear in MS, but this definitely wasn’t black. It absolutely had long, flowy hair covering its entire body.

So that is what I saw! I’m kicking myself for not turning the car around and going back to get a better look. I’ve stopped the car there twice this week on my commute just to make sure there isn’t a damn Buffalo in the field and there isn’t! Lol. I just can’t make sense of what I saw.

Thanks for taking the time to read my crazy, quick story, and I hope you’re doing well!”

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  1. Linda B

    Wow. I would love to get a glimpse like this of an unexplained animal, just that much and no more would be better than my current zero sighting good for the witness to see that much!
    Someone in the forum recently posted a question re a cryptid increase due to the upcoming eclipse. We haven’t seen any cryptids but what we have had is an increase in livestock breaking out of their pens. In the past two days we’ve had two Shetland ponies, two pigs and a black cow break through their enclosures from 30 miles either side of us. My husband has called the sheriff to report the animals on the road and knocked on doors of two separate residences this week. Kind of weird.

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