Jan 7

A tall tan creature walk by the window

A listener writes “I wanted to relay a sighting my wife had just this week on Jan. 2nd. I got home from work early on the 3rd around 1:30am.

When I came in my wife was hysterical. I asked her what was wrong and she said that earlier that night she was in the kitchen washes dishes at the sink and saw a tall tan creature walk by the window in the kitchen. She said it never stopped walking but as it walked by it turned and looked at her turned back and just continued walking. Needless to say she was freaked out by this. I asked her what it looked like, She stated it was tan in color, long hair she made a point of this, long arms and walking sort of stooped over. She said that when it looked at her the eyes where a red/white color. She said that the outside porch light was on at the time but wasn’t sure if it was eyeshine or they glowed on their on.

She knows I am interested in this subject as well as anything paranormal. She never really believed in anything like sasquatch though. We have had numerous paranormal activity in the home we live in now and she can deal with those things but this experience she did not want to talk about it to anyone. Actually she may kill me if she finds out I have emailed you. I’m fairly certain she would never go on the show but she may speak with you if you want. If not I have no problem relaying what she told me.”

4 Responses to “A tall tan creature walk by the window”

  1. David R

    You should of went out there to see if any footprints were left by it. You could try leaving a small recording device out there late at night, and see if you get anything on it. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Karen C

    I would like to know what state and if there was snow on the ground to check for tracks like David suggested. Sounds like you got your hands full with activity of all kinds…

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