May 17

A Tall Slender/Athletic Build Black Figure

A listener writes “On May 8, 2021 at the Liberty Reservoir in Carroll County Maryland at approximately 1230pm EST I had the following experience fishing. I was in a U-shaped cove fishing on the north side.

Another fisherman recently passed by me from the south side and I said hi to him as he passed by. About five minutes after the fisherman passed, I started to hear rustling in the brush on the other side (south) of the cove about 70 to 100 yards from where I was fishing. I looked in that general area and noticed a pair of black legs, however the full figure of the person/object was not visible as the top portion of the figure was covered by tree branches. Noises in these woods do not alarm me because I have fished and mountain bike in this reservoir/area close to a thousand times. A few minutes later, I heard what sounded like a log get tossed into the water in the south side of the cove. I am familiar with the sound of a beaver diving from the shore and this is what it sounded like. But you usually see the beavers head pop up after the noise and I had no such sighting. When this happened, I looked for the pair of black legs and saw that they were still visible. At this point, I was thinking that the black legs were either tree legs or a fisherman just standing there tackling his rod. Either way I was starting to get a strange vibe from what was happening on the south side. Still fishing, I end up getting my line caught on tree/big branch sub-merged in the water.

Still feeling something being off with the activity on the opposite side of me in the cove, I intentionally got loud with frustration and cursing with my stuck line to I guess intimidate the activity across from me. So I start tugging/pulling my line for a few minutes to get it loose. As I am tugging, I see a tall slender/athletic build black figure about 7 foot in height moving in an open area. This figure was black head to toe. Moving in an upright position on it’s two feet in almost an animal like gate, walking back in forth in a four yard width space looking right at me. I could not get a clear visual on figure face and it did give out any audible noises that I could hear. The figure then picked up a dead tree or dead tree branch which was about ten feet in length and about 6 to 8 inches in diameter and threw it into the water. You never know how you react in these instances until they occur to you. I could not believe what I was seeing. Thought about reaching for my phone, but honestly was sort of afraid to photo or video it. I immediately cut my fish line and started walking away from the figure. I called my wife in panic and she just asked me to leave the area ASAP. As I was leaving, I saw a young lady in her 20’s walking her dog off leash. I told her, I typically do not believe in these things, but I think I just saw a Sasquatch. She discounted my reference and said that it was probably a bear. I immediately rebuffed that what I saw had a 7 feet tall slender build and tossed a ten-foot branch into the water. I think she saw the look on my face that I was not joking so she leashed her dog turned the other way and proceeded to leave the direction she came in.

After I saw this young lady, I encountered the fisherman that had passed me maybe 15 minutes before, who passed thru the south cove area where I had the sighting. I asked him if he saw or heard any suspicious activity before he passed by me and he said no. I told him that I just thought I saw a BF and he said he didn’t believe in that stuff. I asked him how long he was planning on staying in this area and he said probably until dark. I decided to leave the woods away from the south cove, so I took fire road out of the wooded area.

Once made it out of the woods, at about 1pm EST, I called the local police and gave my account. A police officer showed up and investigated the area of my sighting. I talked to the officer after he observed the area and he said he did not see anything. He said he stood in the area of the cove for five minutes and did not hear any unusual noises, maybe a wood pecker. He said the report would go on record.

Logically thinking about this encounter less than 24 hours after it’s occurrence, I can only conclude that it was one of two things, 1) a very tall man a decked out in black head to toe, was seriously trying to mess with head or 2) my encounter was the real deal. Honestly, I am still skeptical. I am giving this incident a 60% chance that it is a real BF sighting. I did research on your BFRO site and it is interesting that there was BF sighting in the Sykesville, MD area near my encounter on May 9, 1981, almost exactly 40 years ago to the date of my incident. The last thing I can say about this matter, is that I honestly wish I did not experience it. I love the woods and am typically in the woods four to six days a week, fishing, mountain biking, hiking with my dog. Now I feel I will constantly be on a high-alert mode in the woods after this encounter.”

6 Responses to “A Tall Slender/Athletic Build Black Figure”

  1. Lisa S

    Thank you for sharing your story. Very frightening. But, I hope since you’ve been there 1000 times before this happened that there will be another thousand times before it might happen again. I cannot imagine experiencing your bigfoot encounter!

  2. Karey E B

    My thing is—if a total stranger comes out of the woods, spooked, talking about having seen a BF, whether I believe or not, I’m NOT gonna just keep on walking into said woods. There’s a way people carry themselves when truly terrified. Even the other fisherman—I’d have turned that darn boat around! Even if it meant camping out somewhere until daylight as to return home by light of the sun vs. not being able to see whatever’s on the bank. But that’s just my two cents.

  3. theresa m

    By your description it sounds like it was a young one. Maybe it was demonstrating that the area you were in was his territory. Glad you got out okay and was able to warn that young woman and the other fisherman. Thank you for sharing. It helps others who might read this and alert others. Thanks, Wes.

  4. Melissa P

    I totally get the not making any sudden movements for video or pictures. No way. You never know what’s going to set them off and I’m assuming they have super hearing. Either way, if I’m walking my dog in the woods by myself and someone tells me they saw something like that I’m outta there and so is my dog.

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