Nov 1

A Strange Canine

A listener writes “I have been a listener of Sasquatch Chronicles for some time now. The episode that has always stuck out to me is “Dogman in the Graveyard” for one particular reason: I’m pretty sure my mom and younger sister had a sighting/encounter about 10-12 years ago.

When my mom would tell people the story, they would call her silly or would say that it’s the chupacabra; we live in south Texas in a very rural area. After I listened to that episode on your podcast I immediately called my mom and explained what the witness had seen (I had my mom listen to the episode as well later on).

My mom was taken aback because she had seen the same thing with my sister. What made the sighting even creepier was the fact that my uncle had found a dead calf the morning after my mom and sister saw this thing. What was even more disturbing is the calf was headless and the blood was completely drained from its body.

My mom and sister are adamant now that they believe they saw the Dogman. Of course there are many other details that I left out (it was a fairly close encounter).”

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  1. Charles R

    It seems to me the amount of Dogman sightings is both increasing in numbers and intensity of harm they do to animals. Of course it could be that more people are coming forward these days compared to the past and not worring about be labeled as has this listener’s Mother and Sister had been treated. Indeed the damage and blood draining from the calf was atributed to the Chupacabre back at least to the mid 1990s in Puerto Rico and the southern states and Mexico. Could it be one in the same?

    • Ron S

      I thought the same Charles. I’ve also noticed with myself and others that I’ve talked to there seems to be an increasing amount of dreams that people remember after waking up lately that are more oppressive in nature, making the person see themselves as darker or even weaker than they truly are.

      When people hurt inside they have a tendency to hurt others. The same as for love or other emotions, what you accept or perceive inwardly mirrors outward. It then seems also likely that when things are scared or feel fear they probably project that as well onto others… Fear no evil, it fears you 🌞 have more faith:)

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