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A really sinister, evil snarling smile

A listener writes “I’ve been listening to your show for a long time now, nearly two years. I’m a huge fan, and love the work you do. I’ve never encountered a Sasquatch, but I know you do have some interest in Dogman and I figured I’d share with you my encounter.

This happened just outside of (Name of town removed), WI. I was 10 or 11 years old, I’m 21 now. It was summer, and I believe it was July. I was spending the day at my grandparents house, who live out in the country. The area is farm land, with patches of woods scattered about.

(Name of town removed), which is a pretty small town, is about a 5-7 minute drive from their property. My grandparents own a few acres, and there’s a pretty good section of woods on the back end of their property, and part of the woods is a real marshy, swampy kind of area.

I remember that day was ridiculously hot, it was late morning when my encounter happened and it had to have been in the mid 80s already by that point and it was super humid. I was out on the back porch, shooting cans with my BB Gun, just hanging out and being a kid. All of a sudden I started to feel like something was watching me. I didn’t know how to interpret the feeling at the time, but I know now what I felt was half being watched and half primal fear, like that sick feeling deep in your stomach that you’re in real big trouble. I put my gun down, and started scanning down the woodline. I don’t know what compelled me to do it, but it wasn’t long before I saw it. At the edge of the woods, my grandparents have a shed, and this thing had come up from the real swampy part of the woods and was standing next to a tree, almost kind of leaning on it, maybe 10-15 yards away from the shed. I’m still on the porch, so this thing is about 40-50 yards away from me.

I’d estimate that it was 7 to 7 and a half feet tall, covered in shaggy gray fur, and it was built like a brick s#$thouse. It stood completely upright, and was bipedal throughout the entire encounter. I really remember how enormous and muscular this thing was. It had yellow eyes that almost seemed to glow even though it was daylight out, the head of a wolf, and the part that still scares me to this day is it almost seemed to be smiling at me. Like a really sinister, evil snarling smile. The whole thing just felt bad, wrong, and evil. I know 99% of people who see a Dogman say that, but goddamn man this thing was just bad. I believe it had pointed ears on top of its head, and I also believe the legs were like that of a man’s rather than like a dog’s. Those details are a bit fuzzy to me, as I was more focused on how big it was and how it seemed to be smiling at me.

It felt like forever but honestly we probably only stared at each other for 10 seconds max. Out of the blue, it takes off to it’s right, through a thick patch of tall grass, emerges farther down the treeline, and takes off into a field. It was bipedal the entire time, and the speed of which it ran through tall grass and trees was incredible. There is no possible way a person could clear what it did in the time that it did.

I had no idea what to think, I immediately went inside. At first I thought it was one of my older cousins playing a trick on me, that they got a werewolf costume and were trying to scare me. I realized though that there’s no way they could fake how muscular it was, how tall it was, and how fast it ran. It almost seemed like a blur as it ran. Then I thought I imagined it. I’ve always had a strong interest in Bigfoot, and I was very interested in the subject even at that age. I thought maybe I imagined it from reading one too many Bigfoot books, but then I realized I would’ve seen a Bigfoot, not a f-kin werewolf.

I didn’t say anything to my grandparents, i figured they would’ve thought I was making it up. What really validated what i saw happened later that day. My aunt, who lives with my grandparents, said she had heard some stuff last night. I asked her what, but she said she didn’t want to scare me and it was better she didn’t tell me. I kept pressing, and finally she caved. She said she had heard something walking around the house last night, kind of growling and snarling.

It wasn’t until I was 17 or 18 that I told my grandparents what I saw. They just kind of kept quiet after I got done telling them, and kind of just shrugged their shoulders about it, which is really unlike them. They told me then back in the 60s or 70s a farmer was driving just down the road and saw a “big monkey” cross the road in front of him. He thought a gorilla had escaped from the zoo in Green Bay.

I’m probably going to their property today, I can take pictures of where the encounter happened. Feel free to email me back if you’d like to discuss what I saw any further.”

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  1. Daniel D

    Very cool encounter. I love the dogman stories even though it scares me a little to think that something like that may actually exist. I’m not 100% sold that they are real but that’s just my skepticism keeping me honest. Hey if Bigfoot is real and I do believe they are it’s possible that an upright canine could be also. Oh and Btw, FIRST! Not that it matters. Lol

  2. Tedd

    Thanks for sharing and would love to hear more on the show! Maybe others in the area have had similar experiences or history of strange occurrences?

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