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A Monster Stood By The Barn

A listener writes “Hey Wes I have finally got the courage to write. I’m a nearly 62 year old man from Michigan. My sighting happened in 1966 at my Uncle’s farm about 25 miles north of Grand Rapids Michigan.

As I often did in the summer I spent the night with my cousins. Both their mom and dad worked so me and my cousins would run wild all day. On this particular morning my Uncle’s two dogs he had in a pen were barking wildly. These dogs were always barking, but it was different on this morning. Way more intense than usual. It was extremely hot that year so the windows of their old farm house were wide open. As the barking of the dogs intensified I awoke.

Sleeping on the floor by the open window I rose up to look at what had the dogs so upset. When looking out I saw it standing across the yard beside the barn stood a monster. The creature was unbelievable it stood I estimate over the years close to 12 feet. An enormous red beast the chest was massive I would have circle it’s thighs with both arms and would have been lucky to touch my fingers.

I remember thinking how beautiful a creature it was. It’s hair covered body was a beautiful dark red. Around it’s eyes to just above its mouth appeared to be a light colored skin with huge dark eyes that appeared to look into my soul. We stared at each other intensely. I felt an almost loving feeling coming from this creature. So strong an emotion I felt myself wanting to go to it.

After for what seemed an eternity I pulled myself back and keeping my head staring at it I tried stretching over to shake awake my cousin. It didn’t work and I gave up to just keep staring. After for what seemed like 15 minutes or more of us looking at each other, the creature turned away and started walking away through the pasture.

The pasture from the barn to a neighboring woodland was a good 300 yards of wide open pasture so i was able to watch him cross the pasture and enter the woods. The way it walked was weird, it seemed to glide almost as if it was barely touching the ground. At times it’s body kinda turned to look back at me then it disappeared into the woods. After my cousins woke up they had a great time making fun of me. After several hours of pleading they finally agreed to get the shotguns and go with me to search the woods he vanished into. We never found anything so I’ve had to live the next 53 years with what I seen that morning. Laughing and ridicule was all I got for talking about it.

For me it has never left me it’s in my dreams and thoughts ever since. I often wonder what would have happened if I would have crawled out of that window and went to it like strongly wanted to. I’ve heard on different shows that the red ones like to possibly kill and eat us? Is that the reason I felt so compelled to go to it? I guess I will never know. Anyway it’s been a pleasure getting my sighting to someone who understands. God bless you and everyone in your life. Thanks for letting me tell my story.”

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  1. Michael S

    Thanks for being brave enough to share your encounter. It takes guts, and the older we get the less we care about who understands. I believe we on this site understand completely. This platform Wes has provided is so we don’t feel totally crazy. I hope you’ll let Wes interview you, love to hear every detail… Thanks again…

  2. Rob P

    I live in grand rapids… Id love to know more closely where this happened. Maybe a road name. I know the area north of gr well. If u ever want to talk about it and not be laughed at let me know, I’ll give u my email. Ive seen things too in mi.

    • Gumshoguy

      Rob P – If you’re on the Forum you can go to the yellow ribbon on the very top and find: Have an Sasquatch encouter story you would like to share on the show? I would like to read that acount you speak of. I received an acocunt about a year ago from Kentwood , which is a suburb of Grand Rapids from a lady in a condo there.

      Kent county is not bursting with BF accounts that I am aware of but there were a number of them.

      I am from S.E. Michigan. I had encounter (July-2014) in Washtenaw county. that I also shared here. I maintain a database of Michigan BF reports going back as far as 1700’s to present.

      July = Summer = peak sighting month and season anywhere across North America.


      It is difficult getting people to understand the importance of reports.

      It is difficult getting people to include all of the Who, When, Where and dates i.e. years, months, days, times of day or seasons of a report mainly because this is all relevant in tracking movement. Every piece of seemingly insignificant detail of a report creates another piece of the greater puzzle.

      • Rob P

        I can do that. I know the area of kentwood well. I would love to hear where that was… There isnt much wooded area around there so im surprised to hear that. I would also like to read or hear of other accounts in michigan. Its very interesting to me. My sighting happened in the UP of mi. Road crossing. Although ive had many other encounters around mi. A few with dogman. When I have time later on I’ll write them out for you.

        • Gumshoguy

          I received it thank you Rob P. – I will contact her and get a more specifc location. She gave the location and I noticed a river or creek that ran from a Game or Nature sight to the housing area all from Google Satelite Street View. She has since move out some distance away.. It was a case where a lady outside sitting in the sun is stunned to see juvenile ape like creature walk up and then ran away. Aside from that, somebody out of Michigan posted a lengthy 1978 3 page report out of rural Kent County on Facebook a while back. I believe it is down now and for reason I believe the poster knows Duke (from SC here) or Duke knows him. It was an incredible report with lots of high drama. ~ Gumshoguy

      • Linda P

        Hi Gumshoguy you say you are making reports for the whole state or just certain counties? I reported my account to the bfro but it was never recorded on their database. The other guy I know that does it only covers three counties north of me. I am in Midland county and I do not know anyone who is recording reports from this county.

        • Rob P

          Consider posting it on here. I’m from mi and would really like to hear it. Im not a researcher or collecting data, but like GS said above, you can post it on the forum and it will get out that way. You may also get feed back on it, which helps.

  3. m99

    Man, this should be good. For some reason I am literally fascinated with Michigan. Perhaps because my brother had a near encounter with something in the woods late one afternoon. He was resting by a tree, fell asleep for a few minutes and was woke by the sound of something LARGE walking toward him. He kept his head down & eyes up, but shut them when he got a hazy view of a creature. He didn’t describe it in detail, but at the time told me he thought it was a Sasquatch. Later in life he denied believing in Sasquatch. I brought up what he said and he affirmed, well, there was that. He shouldn’t have been hunting alone out there, although it was privately owned and perfectly legal to do so.

    I think of how logged out the state had been at one time, and how glad I am that the the trees are grown back in, but wonder what the Sasquatch families thought when that was going on. That is probably one reason some clans are so hateful toward people. I also think about the Sasquatch as a type of people, and would assume they have long life spans, especially since I figure they live in groups and take care of each other. Michigan is a hot spot, isn’t it?

    • Gumshoguy

      Hi M – Michigan is a fascinating place with lots to do, places to go, and people to see. There is a Bigfoot Conference in April (West Branch, Ogemaw County) and one of the speakers – also a auhtor researcher is doing a speak on Giant Indian mounds.

  4. Denise F

    “We stared at each other intensely. I felt an almost loving feeling coming from this creature. So strong an emotion I felt myself wanting to go to it.” –

    The writer then goes on to say he wonders what would have happened if he climbed out that window…..

    The creature wanted just that, probably almost had it! Glad you stayed safely there. 😊

  5. Steven B

    “… I tried stretching over to shake awake my cousin. It didn’t work and I gave up…”

    I find this an odd feature of a few encounters. There is more than one person, one wakes up and sees the creature, they try to wake up the other person but cannot.

    I wonder what is going on that makes it that the person that is asleep cannot be roused? Fascinating.

  6. Ulrike H

    Thank you for sharing your encounter. They all matter, especially to those that have had one too.
    I’d love to hear more and how it’s affected your life since.

  7. Mike S

    Northern Michigan is God’s country! If I were a Sasquatch I have a weekend place on one of the many gorgeous inland lakes tucked away in those beautiful forests. I’d have a snowmobile and a dirtbike, too.

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