Apr 16

A hunters close encounter with several creatures

Hunters make very credible witnesses because they are in the woods a lot and know what they are hearing and seeing. Sometimes its not what you see in the woods but what you hear that can make you into a believer. Robert talks about an encounter he had over 30 years ago that still shakes him up to this day.

Robert describes what happen to him over a two night ordeal. The first night his camp was disturbed and he left. When he returned the following night he says that his camp was surrounded by three creatures vocalizing, strange monkey like chatter. Roberts friend who was an avid hunter at the time was present to hear this strange chatter and since then has given up hunting and camping in the woods. Listen below as Robert describes what happened.





11 Responses to “A hunters close encounter with several creatures”

  1. Frankie P

    That would be terrifying. The times we have been camping we had a rule – no scary stories – because my friends and family knew they’d be up all night with the kids! lol.

  2. MilitantDanny

    I like these little audio stories released on the blog format. Just stories, no need for a full production, fills out the site content.
    I still like the full productions and the research parts, but this is a good way to get out the content that a lot of people come for: Stories.

  3. r v

    That’s why you always zip up your tent. You read those stories of the camper AND their sleeping bag missing from the campsite, only to have the sleeping bag turn up a mile away in rough terrain as if someone threw away a wrapper. I know I don’t want to go out like a Snickers.

    Of course, they could take the whole tent back to the lair and they’d have themselves a pinata.

  4. r v

    Great account because, if you have even an ounce of perceptiveness, Robert is not lying. He never hesitates, and the flow of his narrative is impeccable. In all reality, if we were rational beings (as a whole), even this one account would be proof enough of the existence of these beings. We have a serious denial issue as a sentient species. The only other reasonable option, that being of the intruders being hoaxers in a remote area, seems more unlikely than the prospect of the individuals involved being “other”.

  5. Eric B

    This Episode is why I joined SC. I have hunted the areas he mentions and I have been to this campsite. I believe he sounds very credible and very serious. I would love to hear his story first hand but this is close as it gets. Thanks Wes for bringing this back. Its my favorite episode………except Maybe for the PEANUT episode!!

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