Jun 22

A Feeling Of Dread

A listener writes “In late December, 2020, we purchased about 6 acres of land in South Carolina. We did not know what we wanted to build on the land at first so didn’t start working on it till late February/ early March. Myself, my husband, and our sister had not walked the entire perimeter so we set out to do that. The brush was really thick and we had to move a lot of branches. I grew up exploring my grandfather’s land so I was not unfamiliar with getting through brush and I have a technique of twisting or propping drooping branches to another limb without breaking a branch. This will be needed later in the story. We had decided to go the tiny home route and we had to clear the land before the building we purchased could be set on the land.

My husband did not feel well the days we needed to clear the land so I asked my sister to come along. We set out with orange spray paint to mark the area to be cleared. As we made our way through the trees I can spin 1-2 saplings that were bent in a perfect arch like a rainbow. I asked my sister about if she had ever seen this happen before and she said I did it when I was twisting branches together but not this. My twisted/propped branches point up not down. We finished up and headed back to my sister’s house without another thought to the strange arch. The next day my husband felt good enough to go out and see what I had marked. We walked up to the area to be cleared and he said that will work. On a way back out of our land we saw the strangest site we have ever seen. There was a tree that was flipped upside down with its roots in the air and the top was inserted into the hole left by the removal of the tree. My husband and I had never seen such a thing and our thought at the time was that some teenagers had a lot of time on their hands to do that with the tree.

The land was cleared the next week and our building was going to be delivered the following week. It was well into May before we got back to the land to get started on staining the floor. We had planned to spend the night and “rough it” out with no power or water currently. That night I had to go with my sister to her house for only about 10 minutes. It had gotten dark and Derek stayed with the fire we had stated. When we got Derek told me that he had felt like someone had been watching him. He also said that it wasn’t just being watched but he had a feeling of dread that he couldn’t explain. This would have been very weird for him to say this because Derek chooses to fight when I would be the one running. .

We were working on and off until mid- June. Somewhere in there we started listening to your podcast. We were also watching a variety of videos on YouTube about Bigfoot/Sasquatch. In one of the episodes of your show a guy talked about finding these weird trees that had been pulled up by the roots and flipped upside down. I thought this was very curious but that story did not ring any bells to me. In the next few days my husband and I were watching a program and they started showing these areas that had arched trees just like the ones I saw on our land.

I got the attention of my husband and told him I saw one just like that on our land. You saw what? Yes I saw it when I was with our sister. That is also when I was reminded of the upside down tree that was on our land. He said really? Then all the pieces, arched trees, upside down tree, and Derek’s feeling of dread.”

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  1. theresa m

    Sounds like you have moved into an occupied area. The only other time I heard about the trees being upended with their roots in the air was in a clear cut path some place in Washington state and it didn’t sound like a good thing. Marking territory?

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