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A Dark Humanoid Figure

A listener writes “I live in North GA and formerly worked at a lookout tower located on the southern end of the Chattahoochee National forest. This happened about 2 and a half years ago.

I was up in the tower one night like normal, I had my phone plugged into my portable charger playing music on low but all the lights were off as that’s the best way to spot light, fire, and the stars. I was there in the tower and I had sat down to eat some of my lunch my fiancé packed for me and as I’m eating a loud thud hit the side of the tower, obviously it startled me and my mind raced a little bit but came to the conclusion that it could possibly be a bird or what not, unusual for lost birds to be in flight at night.

I still decided to go down and check just in case as I love animals so I didn’t want this thing in lain down there, I radioed that I was going down for a possible injured animal. I head down and it’s dark I mean you guys are from Washington so I don’t need to explain but it’s dark, I’m down there with a light looking around and I don’t see anything and I didn’t see any blood so I assumed it maybe got dazed and flew away, so I head back up and no later than 5 mins pass I hear it again but not as loud as the last one.

When I hear that my blood went ice cold, I’m thinking there’s no one out here and shouldn’t be, so I grab my sidearm which I usually don’t keep on me bc it’s uncomfortable when I sit but I got it and kinda looked out under me to observe but it’s dark. So I head back down to investigate just to see if it’s a stray person or, something I’m not too sure what it could have been but it’s my job so I go down and I didn’t even notice this pattern until I wrote this, I suppose I didn’t notice it the first time because in my mind I was looking for a bird, but where the sound was there was a rock smaller than my fist laying there, and about 10 feet farther a smaller one, I had enough so I drew my pistol and called out naturally who’s there show yourself I’m armed that type, I wasn’t trying to sound scared. And a couple seconds later I smell this stench, I’ve smelt dead animals and this was atleast 10x worse than a wet rotting raccoon it was bad so in my head I’m thinking, “oh my lord there’s a skinwalker out here” I’m into those podcast and I believe it.

Up until I found your show that’s exactly what I thought it was, but I slowly back up tiaras the tower and I hear steps mimicking mine and I just knew I didn’t have long I knew It, so I stop and wait to see if something emerges maybe it’s just a regular animal. About that time I hear what sounds like a vaccum sucking air in, just alot if air moving at once and this roar, this roar turned my legs to water because I fell over out of pure terror and from then on it never looked anywhere except straight and I got up ran back up with no control over my body, i wanted to live. I get up and I’m looking and I’m scared something is looking back and when I’m not looking I’m scared somethings coming so I’m on a loop going back and forth. 20-30 minutes pass and I’m somewhat collected but not much and I start shining the light out just looking and nothing is to be seen so I stop and turn the light off, approaching the base of the tower was a humanoid figure and it seemed to be darker than the night it was about a half crescent moon but it was darker and I watched in terror I still thought this thing was a skinwalker so I was silently praying for this thing to not attempt to come up but it had a stick, maybe 4-5 ft long not very thick and it hit the base, hard once to the point where it could’ve sounded like a gunshot and it sortve, shook my back to life and I wasn’t going to shoot at it because there’s always an off chance it’s a person bc I haven’t seen it clearly but after the hit I raised my pistol and fired two shots and it ran, that was the last of the activity for the night.

I reported what happened to my supervisor the next morning and I quit right there, I refuse to be alone in a place where something like that resides. I’m not sure if they ever investigated I never went back and when he tried reaching out I only explained once after the initial time and never again, but after listening to your podcast it made me realize it’s not what I thought it was.”

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  1. Linda B

    Wow. You want to say great story and then you realize we’re not talking about a story, we’re talking about somebody’s surviving the scariest thing that has ever happened to that person, and so you have to just say I’m so glad you’re alright now!! Oh my gosh!!! I would have quit too!!! I have a feeling they know when you are there and when someone else has replaced you on the job, so maybe they don’t go back if you’re not there to get the crap scared out of ya; more fun for them to scare the crap out of you twice than to scare the new guy. Could this thing have climbed the tower? Good thing it was one of those nights when you had your gun on you. Thank you, Wes. That’s really scary.

  2. Lorraine W

    Wow! I was on the edge of my seat reading this! I’m glad you’re okay. What a thing to happen! It wasn’t a person out there in the dark night. You did the right thing. I could never have gone down in the dark to check it out to begin with. You’re braver than me!

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