Apr 13

1996 Sasquatch Daze with John Green

John Willison Green was a Canadian journalist and a leading researcher of the Bigfoot phenomenon. He was a graduate of both the University of British Columbia and Columbia University and compiled a database of more than 3,000 sighting and track reports.

The Sasquatch Archives writes “On May 4–5, 1996 Sasquatch Daze took place in Harrison Hot Springs. Organized by Stephen Harvey, the event featured several speakers of high repute involved in Sasquatch research. This video will feature long-time researcher/author John Green.”

2 Responses to “1996 Sasquatch Daze with John Green”

  1. Brian L

    “Either these creatures exist or they don’t exist…..
    If they don’t exist, then every witness is either lying, hallucinating, or misidentifying…..
    If they do exist, then there’s no reason to deny the thousands of credible eyewitness’s who have have incredible encounters….”

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