May 4

1945 Pottstown Hunts Mystery Beast

The “thing” the locals call it. A mysterious beast the makes 20 foot leaps, screams like a baby and steals chickens. At the end of the article the reporter includes possible descriptions, the only consistent detail is the creature was large and black. It is interesting to note that the creature caused such a scare several groups of men went out to try to kill it.

Pottstown Hunts Mystery Beast

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    • Kent C

      In this case, it’s quite possible.

      The term “Pumpkin Ball Bullet” refers to a round ball load for a shotgun. These loads were serious business, because the solid round balls were quite a bit heavier than the hollow based slugs, and they tended to penetrate far deeper than a slug load. (….It’s the load I would use for BF if all I had was a shotgun!!)

      These round ball loads fell out of favor because they would not “squeeze down” when passing through a choked barrel; …..resulting in high pressures and possible damage to a choked shotgun.

  1. Christopher c

    This is another clear example of why they had to outlaw killing or shooting Bigfoot Creatures in some states, either some drunk was going to shoot his foot off or someone else while taking pot shots at shadows in the night-this report tells it all not only does our country keep Sasquatch a secret for the economics but also for public safety.

  2. Steve W

    A panther, a puma, a wild chow dog, a bear, and a black fox. Gee, quite a bit of size and shape differences there. Reminds me of a time I was at the zoo with my kids and we were coming up on the seal exhibit. Another father was there ahead of us telling his kids, “Look at the walrus.” Then right after that, “Oh wait. That’s not a walrus, that’s an otter.” Not sure there’s any point to my story other than it reminded me of that day.

    I have wondered though if his kids ever learned what a seal looked like.

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