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1941, Happy Jack Logging Camp, Arizona: Bear Chased by Bigfoot

Lumberjacks Ezra Stretchan and Jack Fischer returned to their cabin at Happy Jack camp. They were getting ready for dinner, Stretchan was outside smoking a cigarette when he called for Fischer to come outside as quickly as possible.

The annoyed Fischer stuck his head out of the cabin door to see what Stretchan was so riled up about. Fischer saw one of the largest black bears he ever laid on upon running full tilt down the side of the hill.

deepJust as Stretchan was about to speculate on what scared that bear off, the two loggers saw a “huge, red gorilla-like giant crash through the cedars.” The monster was over 15 feet tall, with powerful rippling muscles and feet that defied all science.

The two loggers stood petrified as the creature lumbered down the side of the hill, growling and grunting as it slowly chased after the running bear.

While neither Stretchan nor Fischer talked about what they saw until years later, Fischer admitted that the two went out and bought shotguns to keep in their cabin with their next paychecks.


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  1. Erik N

    I wonder how big they can get? I know people are seeing very big sasquatch’s but fifteen feet tall seems a little bit out of range,but I guess you can’t think normal with these monsters. Loggers are pretty good at determining size. So I would have to believe them plus, back then for both of them to buy shotguns would have been a lot of money for them. Probably used there whole paycheck! That says a lot

  2. Charles B

    Happy jack is not that far from where miners encountered sasquatch near pine butte in the matazals hello gate wilderness is in between, and reports continue along the moggolon rim to this day. Also near Tha AZ Dot bigfoot hoax this year.

  3. Norman Racca

    Over 15 ft tall???
    My goodness!
    Well I guess it’s makes sense if it’s diet was large bear!
    But might be a slight exaggeration on the height there….. (i would hope)
    A 12 foot Sasquatch is extremely terrifying in my mind…….I don’t think I can deal with the thought of one standing 15 ft…..

    • Robert D

      Merian C. Cooper was the key creative influence, saying that he got the initial idea after he had a dream that a giant gorilla was terrorizing New York City.

      King Kong was Cooper’s creation, a fantasy manifestation of his real life adventures. As many have mentioned before, Cooper was Carl Denham. His actual exploits rival anything Indiana Jones ever did in the movies.

      The novel, promoting the original movie (1933) came out in December, 1932.

    • William L

      I did and immediately subscribed to his channel. It wasn’t long after I had subed to JC Johnson’s channel. From that same area, I follow Mitch Waite’s channel. 10 years ago I would have said that it is to dry in Arizona for Bigfoot; how wrong I would have been. They have an amazing amount of activity down there and, the farther North you go, the more the activity increases.

  4. Jeff K

    While 15 feet is definitely a monster, once you reach a certain point it’s kind of academic. What is curious are the terms used to describe the Sasquatch’ motion and speed. “The two loggers stood petrified as the creature lumbered down the side of the hill, growling and grunting as it slowly chased after the running bear.” Lumbered and slowly are not typical of the words generally used; more common are terms such as glided, floated, smooth to describe motion and fast, really fast, fast as lightning, etc. to describe speed. I wonder if those were the exact words used by the lumberjacks since they are not in quotes.

  5. Nick J

    Well, if 9-10feet is the average maximum, then it might not be totally impossible for a creature with gigantis’em like humans can have, to grow well above 13feet.
    It might only be one of 100million that gets this desease, but at one point in time its gonna happen, just like in humans.

    The description “slowly chaced the bear” might actually explain this.
    Humans with this kind of extreame growth are not fast. The suffer alot from it and one could imagine the same goes for a sasquatch.
    It would not have the same mobility like a normal creature.

  6. r v

    Who ever said that the ones that are the most widely reported were adults? The behavioral patterns of the aggressive ones typify post-adolescent behavior, and the fact that you can see them could very well indicate that they are not that yet well-adapted to keeping themselves concealed as well as a seasoned adult. Add to this speculation that the reported ones could be without territories (booted-from-the-tribe males, etc.), and I would reckon that we rarely, if ever see the big ones. We just assume that, because they are so much larger than we are, that they must be adults, I guess. Look up the Solomon Island giants. Watch MK Davis’ video (look it up) that shows a creature twice the height of two eight-foot specimens that it scares away by breaking up their fight. We also use the model of the teenager (if my point is true) to gauge the temperament of all Sasquatch beings, when we may in fact be encountering the testosterone-laden teenagers that have angst and aggression. Sucks that these teens are 800 lbs and 8 ft tall. They’re about as dangerous as the idiot kid who drives his mustang 80 mph up our residential street like he’s got something to prove. We’re all fine as long as we don’t get in their way. The Solomon Island giants have been reported up to 20 feet. We can believe in BF, but we can’t believe a little further?

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