Sep 3

These Woods Are Haunted: House Surrounded By Sasquatch

Travel Channel writes “A quiet birthday celebration in Ohio forest turns terrifying after Matt hears a loud rustling in the distance. While initially believing it to be a prank, his family soon come to realize the horrifying situation they are in when they witness a large sasquatch-like creature approaching the home. Things only get worse once they begin to hear a flurry of growls and realize that there isn’t just one Sasquatch — and that they are surrounded.”

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  1. Charles R

    I know where this house rental is, believe it rents for 500 a night. I tried to get a few of my motorcycle buddies to go for a weekend, great riding roads in this part of Ohio and at night try to see what we could stir up. It has not worked out, maybe next year.

  2. CJ M

    Would you really stay out on the deck? My inquiring mind wants to know, did that door really slam or was that something they put in there? Other things, in the initial realization, would you really leave the deck, enter the house and NOT close the door AND lock it?

    I don’t doubt that it was probably a terrifying encounter, I just question if what happened and what is portrayed to happen is the same.

    I’m a big chicken, I probably wouldn’t leave the perceived safety of the cabin especially if I thought something was lurking outside.

    • Ron S

      Hope all is well for you, I remember you commenting a while back about going through a rough time.

      Remember our chat in the forum about my experience and message about “trees are people”?

      In light of recent events and discovering more about Native American spirit beings, I’m leaning hard into the idea that there’s God the Creator, and everything within creation contains or can be a container or vessel with an attached filter for different types of spirit intelligence or “Holy Spirit?” to come through.

      The more pure the life form vessel, the more powerful or scarier the spirits or protectors of that vessel are, and confront those that are impure… maybe?

      Idk, I’m finding myself now having to interject Native American lore into the Bible, but it kinda works in a way with some of the parallels between the two.

      You don’t have to reply, I may not come back to these comments. Maybe I’ll start something in the forums later.

      All this talk of vessels and filters make me want another cup of coffee with Snickers creamer and sugar…🤤

      Have a great day!🌞

      Just spit balling here but maybe these energies created by The Creator can filter through or can exist within all other different forms of life, including humans, no holds barred.

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