Aug 4

The Bigfoot – A Documentary by Casual Preppers

In this documentary, the hosts of The Casual Preppers Podcast set out to learn about and search for “The Bigfoot”. From basic research, to stories from people they know, to hiking and hunting for the Bigfoot in its own supposed territory. This primal being has captured the hearts and minds of explorers and adventure seekers around the world. Watch and see if Cam and Coby get sucked into the lore of the lurking beast in the dark woods…..

4 Responses to “The Bigfoot – A Documentary by Casual Preppers”

  1. Melissa K

    I love this video! I have watched it several times!
    It is also a weird coincidence that I sat down for a Snickers break, a twice of year treat for me because I have the metabolism of a rock, and this is posted on SC. It has become a tradition whenever I have a snickers bar I bring up this video. 😁

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