Jan 31

Shawnee National Forest Bigfoot Vocalizations

AlienInformation writes “A Southern Illinois Film Student captured these sounds of two or three massive creatures howling in the night while recording sounds of the forest for a short documentary.”

Link to video

12 Responses to “Shawnee National Forest Bigfoot Vocalizations”

  1. David S

    Let me just say, if I had been present when these terrifying screams had been recorded in a forest in the dark of night-You would heard my footsteps running so fast as to replicate JIM ED BROWN in the “Dirty Dozen” WWII Movie….

    Holy Crap!

  2. Lorraine W

    This is an older recording unless I’m mistaken. I’ve long wished the film student who recorded these vocalizations would come on the show and describe every moment of this encounter. It was obviously terrifying, but did the film student realize what was making the howls they were hearing? Did they see or smell anything? I suspect rival males fighting over territory, food, or a female. Of course, it also has to be asked if the college student had some friends helping create this recording, although the screams sound pretty authentic and beyond human, IMO.

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