Jul 28

Secrets in the Mist: Murder on the Mountain

National Geographic writes “Everyone who knew Dian Fossey was shocked by her brutal murder, but not surprised. She’d made many enemies and long feared for her life. An inept police investigation provided few clues but eventually someone was charged – gorilla researcher Wayne Maguire. He fled the country before being sentenced to death and has lived with the consequences ever since. Did he really kill her, or has he been the victim of a 30 year injustice? And if not him, then who?”

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    • Tim K

      ]The Rewandans, just wanted to close the case as fast as they could so as to not draw as little or as much attension as posible to there country.
      It was obviousl that Wayne didnt do it just by the little evidence that was presented from the Rewandans.
      you have two sets of tracks that are BARE FOOT, which Rewandens walk bare foot which are locals, anybody from out of the country is not going to walk around bare foot cause you dont know what your going to step on in a strange environment.
      There was hair in both her hands that could be the killers hair, and would be something i think that she would have done to try and show who her murder was.
      You have a recent smugler acount with dealing with Gold which presents a posible motive because of the way she handled people that were trying to harm the Gorilas.
      Your dealing with a 3 rd world country that dosnt play by the rules, they make hp there own and do what is convient for them.
      you have. important letter that might be used as evidence.
      Nothing is conclusive for ebidence but there is circumstancial evidence and plenty of it.
      This was a very intresting program with supporting evidence in the murder of Diane Fossy.

  1. cynthia s

    She said more than once she knew she was in danger. She was a brave woman who spoke her mind and didn’t put up with BS from anyone. She obviously loved gorillas over people, who could blame her. Most all species of animals are better than the animal human. They live in sync with nature. Humans live going against the natural world and even with all our technology, we are destroying our home and killing all other species that we share it with. No other animal but humans do that. And we are animal, only we are the species that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the natural world. We are the invader species, the aliens. She was murdered because she stood for her principles and would protect her friends the gorillas with her own life. Her bravery opened the way for their conservation. As it says in the Bible, there is no greater gift than giving up your life for a friend. RIP courageous Dian.

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