98 Responses to “SC EP:718 The Christmas Show 2020”

  1. Aaron W

    Thank you sooo much for all the hard work you put into 2 shows a week Wes! I think I can speak for everyone here that we all greatly appreciate the content you provide! You stay safe brother!

  2. Timothy D

    So what’s all the excitement about? Oh, the Christmas Show!
    Yet another reason to become a member and join the coolest club in town. Not an easy task to manage hosting a show dealing with one of the most important topics of our time. Takes a humble, self-effacing and gentle approach to bring out truth of any kind, and place it in the public square, for all to partake. Let’s hope us listeners can be as gentle with each other, and the guests, as we find a way forward in such an important conversation. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

  3. Lisa B

    Wow, what a great show Wes! Thank you for reminding us, that all thru this horrible year, you’ve been there for all of us, giving us all a place to go to and forget about the mad crazy world! Even tho you take us to an even crazier world, we still look forward to spending our Friday and Sunday nights with you! And when each show ends, our first thought is, what will Wes share with us on the next episode! It was nice to hear the stories of this year and they way you presented them. I enjoyed it very much! And thanks for Putting The Lights On for us!! Loved the live version! Merry Christmas Wes! And God Bless You for being here for us all! And to all the guests you’ve had on and all of the listeners, it’s a great group of people here, I enjoy y’all very much! Thanks for including me and allowing me to be part of this great family!
    Merry Christmas Everyone! Let’s all hope and pray next year will be better and 2021 will be full of great shows every Friday and Sunday night with Wes! Again…Merry Christmas Everyone! ????????

  4. Greg O

    Thanks for the CHRISTmas highlight show. I am fortunate that this plandemic hasn’t changed my normal life much except having to wear a mask when shopping. Hope the truth of several things comes out soon! Hope, Faith and Love. The greatest of these is Love!

  5. Johanna V

    Merry Christmas Wes! Thank you for giving us great shows throughout this challenging, sad year. Happy Holidays to all of us in this Community, and may 2021 bring us all better times ahead!

  6. Craig T

    Merry Christmas everyone and thanks Wes for another awesome year of encounters! Is anyone else having issues with the pages on the site taking a long time to load or is it just me?

  7. Ron S.

    On November 18th 2020 at 6:20pm I had basically the same scenario happen where the guy drove past one on the side of the road…same coloring, same longer hair on limbs and “bed head” look to hair on its sides. It’s possible it could’ve been someone doing a prank but I’ve had so much happen in the last 6 or so years here it’s very possible it was the real deal.

  8. m99

    ???? Just finished listening to this excellent Christmas episode, 2020. Although there are too many favs, these were prime choices. I have to say Wes, you are a class act and a fantastic host. I appreciate you taking the time to give us such great content. Thank you for all your hard work this year and I hope 2021 will be a happier New Year for you and everyone listening. Merry Christmas, Chief. ????

  9. Denise F

    Well better late than never……lol-
    What can I say that’s original and hasn’t already been said by these good folks above me ⬆️…… OH….I got it….
    I’m going to miss 2020 and hate to see a brand new year slide in. *Snaps* Damn it! ????

    Merry Christmas, Wes and I hope you have a fantastic new year. I betcha ‘putting on a smile for us’ isn’t always easy but you always were there, with something to look forward to. May Santa be good to you this year and the New Year too.
    Happy Holidays everyone.

  10. Miss Kendall S

    I’m sorry that I’m late on this one but I enjoyed just the same..
    Merry Christmas Wes. and thank you so much for giving us a break from everything that is happening in our lives right now..
    This show is my get away, I’m sure it is for everyone on here anyway I just wanted too thank you… ????

  11. MONTE M

    I wonder if hackers hacked into Wes’s accounts….to find out what’s really happening in the world of Sasquatch? Wes works his butt off and someone gets a Govt job with pension and benefits assigned to monitor Wes’s emails and phone calls. They surf the internet, play Candy Cane Crush half the day and monitor a podcasters work. I wonder what that position makes per year ?

  12. todd g

    It would have been nice if Wes could have left off the guy misusing Jesus Christs name in the intro for at least the CHRISTmas show! Then again, Christmas doesn’t have anything to do with Jesus Christ anyway does it? Not to most people!

  13. Michael C

    If anyone is looking for a last minute gift idea a SC membership could be the ticket. After all, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks Wes for two shows a week! There is only one criteria to receive a SC membership as a gift. Be on the nice list! Happy Holidays Everyone!

  14. Charles R

    Merry Christmas all. Guess I missed # 620, will have to go back and listen. Really like Winston’s description and encounter. Not many people get to see one this close and then a bluff charge. Interesting conversation with first guest on their leg anatomy. Perhaps one day Wes you could have Dr. Jeff Meldrum on for an in depth conversation on their anatomy and locomotion, as primate locomotion is his specialty. I am sure that nature/God designs it a little or lot different from ours do to their rigorous and hostile environment. Saved a little of this show for Christmas morning as I wait for my wife of 22 years and son to rise. Again thanks Wes for the great show you produce, it has been and will be my favorite. Best wishes for a better 2021.

  15. Doug K

    Merry Christmas Wes!!! Thanks for taking the time to put this great show together from past episodes!! Really great encounters! Looking forward to next years shows!!! YEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

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